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Writing Center

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Writing Center do?

The Writing Center’s mission is to help students become better writers. To help us fulfill this mission, we offer one-on-one tutoring sessions, group tutoring, writing workshops, class visits, and specialized tutoring (Praxis, Skills Intensive, etc.). 

What happens in a tutoring session?

The tutor, or writing fellow, will ask you to explain your assignment.  You or the writing fellow will then read your paper or sections of your paper out loud. The writing fellow will talk with you about your paper, suggest areas for improvement, and help you learn how to avoid and correct  errors. 

Do you just look at grammar and punctuation?

No. In fact, we tend to look at the big picture first.  What is structure of your paper? Do you have a strong thesis?  Do you have evidence to support your thesis? How have you ordered your ideas?  Is your introduction interesting and informative and your conclusion satisfying? Only when these larger, more global issues have been addressed, do we move on to grammar and punctuation. 

How finished does my paper have to be?

You can come to the Writing Center at any stage of the writing process — whether that’s figuring out what you’re going to write about, putting your thoughts in order, or polishing up a final draft. 

Can I drop off my paper?

If only…but that’s not how it works! To get the full benefit of the Writing Center, you must come in for a session with a tutor. 

How long do tutoring sessions last?

Tutoring sessions begin on the hour and last 45-55 minutes. 

Will you fix all my mistakes?

No, but we will point out the errors that you make most often and spend time showing you how to correct them. That helps you become a better writer in the long run. 

Where is the Writing Center?

We are located on the main floor of Hedberg Library. .

Do I need an appointment?

We strongly recommend making an appointment. Although you may certainly drop in, we might not be able to assist you that day. Writing Center sessions book up very fast, especially during midterms and finals. It helps to plan ahead by scheduling an appointment. Go to to register and schedule appointments. 

How can I contact the Writing Center?

You can call us at 262-551-5755 or email any questions to

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