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Writing Center

Loyola MSW Students

Loyola MSW students are often pressed for time, may need to learn or refresh their knowledge in formal academic writing, and may not be as connected to campus news as are our traditional students. The Writing Center strives to assist MSW students as they deal with these unique challenges.

Online Tutoring

Although the Writing Center highly encourages in-person tutoring sessions, MSW students’ time on campus may be very limited. Therefore, the center offers an online tutoring option. This service provides assistance with anything from formulating a thesis statement to fine tuning sections of a thesis.

(Please keep in mind that online tutoring is limited – we cannot address, for instance, a lengthy project (more than six or seven pages) effectively in a single online session. Please plan on submitting sections of longer projects to the online writing center over time, or coming in for multiple face-to-face sessions.)

Writing Fellows from several disciplines volunteer each semester to work with client papers submitted for online assistance. That way, students can access different perspectives and areas of expertise when submitting their papers, just as they can in regular Writing Center sessions.

Please note that online writing assistance has a 72-hour turnaround period. This means, although you may often receive feedback on your paper sooner, you will have feedback from one of the Writing Fellows within 72 hours of submitting your paper.

To submit a paper for online assistance, please follow the steps below:

1. Register your personal Writing Center account at This step is very important, because we cannot give you feedback on your paper until your account has been established. If you already have an account, you can ignore this step.

2. Compose an email addressed to In the body of your email, include all of the following information:

  • Name of the course for which the paper is assigned
  • Name and email address of the course instructor
  • Permission (if you wish) for the Writing Center to send the course instructor a report that you attended a session for his/her assignment
  • Description of the assignment/prompt (or attached copy)
  • Description of the specific issues you want addressed in the paper

3. Attach your paper (in WORD format) to the email and send. If you have questions about this process, please email us at: or

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