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Meet Carthage Theatre Alumni

  • Magdalene Spanuello ’07

    • Current Position: 

      Director, choreographer, adjunct music theatre instructor at Carthage College, and artistic director of Shawnee Summer Theatre

    • Major(s): Music Theatre, Political Science

    “Having a ‘Comprehensive Plan A’ is a must for every student leaving Carthage. It is unrealistic to think that if you don’t jump into a career in theatre immediately after graduation, it means you never will or that you have failed. … Stay focused and persevere.”

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  • Drew Lenox ’10

    • Current Position: 

      MFA Student at University of Illinois

    • Major(s): Theatre

    “Carthage taught me to be an independent artist.”

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  • Annie Hogan ’06

    • Current Position: Marketing Assistant
    • Major(s): Theatre and English

    “Not everyone has to work at Steppenwolf to be fulfilled. Don’t let other people’s expectations of you dictate how you honestly feel about theatre.”

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  • Derek Nelson ’12

    • Current Position: Acting Apprentice at Actors Theatre of Louisville
    • Major(s): Theatre

    “If you want to do theatre, go out and do it. Make your own path.”

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  • Thomas Novak ‘11

    • Current Position: Freelance Actor and Teaching Artist
    • Major(s): Theatre Performance and Directing
    • Minor(s): Dance

    “Take the time to learn anything and everything. Once you’re out of school it’s harder to take the time to study or take classes post-college.”

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  • Alex Campea ’13

    • Current Position: 

      Freelance Actor

    • Major(s): Theatre Performance, Music Theatre

    “Carthage taught me that in order to be successful in the ‘real world,’ you have to immerse yourself in more than one area of the field in which you study.”

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  • Elodie Senetra ‘12

    • Current Position: Intern at Door Shakespeare
    • Major(s): Theatre Performance

    “I will always appreciate and look back on my time at Carthage with delightful memories. My incredible professors prepared me for the ‘real world’ by always encouraging me to challenge myself, take risks, and network, network, network.”

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  • Breannin Beelow ‘13

    • Current Position: Working at First Stage Theatre in Milwaukee.
    • Major(s): Music Theatre, Theatre Performance

    “If it wasn’t for the professors, I would not be where I am today.”

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  • Hannah Binish ‘10

    • Current Position: Freelance Stage Manager and Assistant Stage Manager
    • Major(s): Theatre

    “Never give up on your dreams. If you believe you can do something, do it.”

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  • Amanda Burns ‘07

    • Current Position: Library Director
    • Major(s): Theatre

    “Carthage gave me the chance to try my hand and talents at all different aspects of life and find what was the best fit for me.”

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  • Daniel Ermel ’11

    • Current Position: 

      Music teacher at Oak Terrace Elementary School in Highwood, Illinois

    • Major(s): Musical Theatre

    “The well-roundedness of the program at Carthage was extremely beneficial to my success. I didn’t just perform. I learned to build sets, to sew costumes, to direct one-acts. I spent a J-Term studying the wildlife in the Costa Rican rainforest. Carthage made me so much more than just an actor or a musician; it made me a person.”

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  • Rachel Page ’10

    • Current Position: 

      Performer, pianist, and vocal instructor

    • Major(s): Music Theatre

    “I think the best thing Carthage has to offer is its professors. I felt like each one of my professors had my well being in mind. I felt like I was an individual personality, not just a face in a class. My professors always made time for me, even when they weren’t in my major. I could stop in an office and contemplate life or assignments and then make jokes about both. I owe a lot to my mentors.”

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