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Office of Sponsored Programs

Funding Opportunities

Funding Opportunity Calendar

The Office of Sponsored Programs maintains the following funding opportunity calendar to support faculty and staff searching for funding sources. This tool is updated regularly, is ever-changing and reflects a wide variety of funding opportunities; however, it should not be consider a comprehensive list of all possible funding sources. In order to make the tool more user friendly, the calendar is organized into the following lists: 

  • Upcoming Funding Opportunities- sorted by deadline date
  • On-going or Rolling Funding Opportunities- sorted alpha order by funding agency
  • Funding Opportunities Past Deadline- sorted by most recent deadline past in descending order

Additional Funding Resources 


The following funding opportunities have specific application deadlines and are sorted by deadline date. 


Funding Sponsor



10/5/2017 NEH: Humanities Connection  up to $100,000 To expand the role of the humanities in the undergraduate curriculum, offering students in all academic fields new opportunities to develop the intellectual skills and habits of mind that the humanities cultivate. Focus on connecting the resources and perspectives of the humanities to students’ broader educational and professional goals, regardless of their path of study. 


Spencer Foundation: Lyle Spencer Research Awards

Budgets between $100,000 and $1,000,000

This program’s aim is to support intellectually ambitious, large-scale education research projects. This program encourages proposals initiated by scholars across a variety of disciplines and fields in an effort to create much-needed space for creative and ambitious research projects that promise to advance our understanding of educational practice and its improvement.


Wisconsin Women in Higher Education Leadership (WWHEL): Professional Development Grants


To provide financial support for women to participate in professional development opportunities to advance in leadership roles in Higher Education.

Department Chairs, directors, associate/assistant deans, deans, provosts, vice presidents, and women in similar supervisory roles across all divisions (academic affairs, student affairs, administration and finance, etc.). Candidates must be employed at a non-profit Higher Education institution



WSGC: Aerospace Outreach Program

Up to $3k; Requires 1:1 Match


To provide planning grants and supplemental grants for new or ongoing projects which have space-related content.


NEH: Humanities Connections (Part A): Planning Grants - FY 2017 $35K

The purpose of this program is to expand the role of the humanities in undergraduate education at two- and four-year colleges and universities. Funding will support innovative curricular approaches that foster productive partnerships among humanities faculty and their counterparts in the social and natural sciences and in pre-service or professional programs, such as business, engineering, health sciences, law, computer science, and other technology-driven fields.



  • 10/30/2017
  • 4/30/2018
  • 10/30/2018
  • 4/30/2019
  • 10/30/2019
Association of Performing Arts Presenters (APAP)  $2000-$10,000

The purpose of this program is to assist U.S.-based performing arts presenting professionals and organizations/companies in building partnerships and collaborations with international touring artists, companies, and their collaborators outside of the United States, as well as enable them to experience the work of artists from around the world in its cultural context.  Must be a member of APAP.


(Future deadlines: 2/1/2018, 5/1/2018, 8/1/2018)

Spencer Foundation:Small Research Grants 

Budgets of $50,000 or less.

The Small Research Grants program aims to support smaller scale or pilot research projects. Proposals are encouraged from scholars across a variety of disciplines in an effort to fund field-initiated education research.


Mandatory letters of inquiry (LOIs) are accepted on a rolling basis, and must be submitted prior to application deadline

The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation


The purpose of this program is to strengthen American democratic capitalism and the institutions, principles, and values that sustain and nurture it. Projects should support limited, competent government; a dynamic marketplace for economic, intellectual, and cultural activity; and a vigorous defense, at home and abroad, of American ideas and institutions. Additionally, the funding agency intends to create an enlightened citizenry and informed public opinion via its support for scholarly studies and academic achievement.



Directorate for Education and Human Resources
Division for Research on Learning in Formal and Informal Settings

$250,000 +

different funding for different categories of projects

The purpose of this program is to advance new approaches to and evidence-based understanding of the design and development of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) learning opportunities for the public in informal environments. This program seeks to provide multiple pathways for broadening access to and engagement in STEM learning experiences and to advance innovative research on and assessment of STEM learning in informal environments.


Max & Victoria Dreyfus Foundation


How a small amount of money can make a big impact.?The Foundation will consider requests to support museums, cultural, and performing arts programs; schools, hospitals, educational and skills training programs, programs for youth, seniors, and the handicapped; environmental and wildlife protection activities; and other community-based organizations and their programs.


Letter of Inquiry Deadline

RECALL Foundation

Previous Awards range from $2000- $100,000

The purpose of this program is to support emerging approaches that advance Alzheimer’s research, programming, and education. This program is intended to address the growing aging population and the critical need for quality projects and organizations that serve Alzheimer’s patients and their families. 


Local Campus Stipends
Wisconsin Women in Higher Education Leadership

$500 maximum/ institution

The WWHEL Board of Directors, through college and/or university Institutional Representatives(IRs), encourages activitiesthat support and address issues important to the advancement of women at all levels. To that end, the Board has authorized stipends to be used to support activities(book clubs, discussion groups, materials, etc.) as decided by the local campuses. 

December 2017

(RFP not yet released)

American Political Science Association

Centennial Center Research Grant

 The typical Centennial Center grant for an individual scholar is between $1,000 and $2,500, but can reach a maximum size of $10,000 for workshops and events or projects in support of the profession, depending on the research fund and the nature of the grant proposal.

The Centennial Center for Political Science and Public Affairs assists APSA members with the costs of research, including travel, interviews, access to archives, or costs for a research assistant. Funds can also be used to assist scholars in publishing their research. (December 2017 Awards are from the Marguerite Ross Barnett Fund, Bryce Fund, Fund for Women and Politics, and Huang Hsing Fund)

Ongoing 8/1/2017 through 12/1/2017 AAUW: International Fellowships  $18,000-$30,000

Who may apply: Women pursuing full-time graduate or postdoctoral study in the United States who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents


12/1/2017 Spencer Foundation Conference Grants for 
Advancing Education Research

This grant program supports conference proposals with budgets of $50,000 or less.

The Spencer Foundation’s Conference Grant program is designed to provide support to scholars for small research conferences and focused symposia. The conference grant program intends to bring together researchers whose substantive knowledge, theoretical insight, and methodological expertise can be assembled in ways that build upon and advance best practices in education research. Through this grant program, the Foundation rotates the area of focus periodically to generate fresh ideas and perspectives on pressing educational challenges.

12/7/2017 DHHS-SAMHSA: GLS Campus Suicide Prevention Grant

Up to $100k for 3yrs

Assists colleges and universities in preventing suicide attempts and deaths by suicide. It also enhances services for students with mental and behavioral health problems, such as depression and substance use/abuse that put them at risk for suicide and suicide attempts. 

12/10/2017- LOI due

1/10/2017- Application due

Siebert Lutheran Foundation  Unspecified

Siebert Lutheran Foundation focuses its funding on ministries and projects based in Lutheran churches and organizations that are working to achieve one or more of the following funding priorities:  1. Growing the Body of Christ, 2. Educating while Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, 3. Serving as the Hands and Feet of Christ


WSGC: Research Infrastructure Program

$20k - multi-institutional awards

$10k - major awards

$5k - minor awards

To provide support to faculty and research staff who are seeking to initiate new research or to continue a current research program. Projects must focus on NASA-related activities, including: Earth & Atmospheric Sciences; Astronautics; Aeronautics; Space Sciences; and/or any space-related fields (e.g., agriculture, business, law, medicine, nursing, social and behavioral sciences, space architecture and program criteria. Please see link for RFP and program details.



NSF- Improving Undergraduate STEM Education: Education and Human Resources (IUSE: EHR)

Development & Implementation Tiers- $600K - $3 Million over 3-5 years

The purpose of this program is to educate undergraduate students to be leaders and innovators in emerging and rapidly changing science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education fields, and cultivate a scientifically literate populace. Projects should equip students to work in the growing field of STEM-related jobs. This program will support projects with the potential to improve student learning in STEM through development of new curricular materials and methods of instruction, and development of new assessment tools to measure student learning. Additionally, this program encourages replications of research studies at different types of institutions, and with different student bodies, to produce deeper knowledge about the effectiveness and transferability of findings.

Ongoing 8/1/2017 through 12/15/2017

AAUW: Career Development Grants


Who may apply: Women pursuing a certificate or degree to advance their careers, change careers, or reenter the workforce and whose bachelor’s degree was received at least five years before the award period


Call for proposal will post mid-December, proposal deadline yet tbd

Kenosha Community Foundation- Unrestricted Grants Depends upon specific Fund

The Kenosha Community Foundation considers grant applications that address community problems and opportunities in the areas of arts and culture, education, social services, and the preservation of resources including historical and cultural resources.


The Allen Foundation


 $1500 - $75K

The purpose of this program is to support projects that primarily benefit programs for human nutrition in the areas of health, education, training, and research. All projects must demonstrate the potential for project sustainability after the project period is completed.

Ongoing 8/1/2017 - 1/10/2018 AAUW: Selected Professions Fellowships  $5000 - $18,000

Who may apply: Women pursuing full-time study in a master’s or professional degree program in which women are underrepresented, including STEM, law, business, and medicine.

Ongoing 8/1/2017 through 1/15/2018

AAUW: Community Action Grants

$2000 - $10,000

Who may apply: Individuals, AAUW branches and states, and nonprofit organizations to fund innovative programs or nondegree research projects that promote education and equity for women and girls


LOI due for any organization that intends to apply

Racine Community Foundation Unspecified

The Racine Community Foundation seeks to partner with non-profit community organizations to help strengthen and deliver programs that are vital to the people of Racine County. The Racine Community Foundation supports projects and programs related to arts and culture, community development, education, the environment, health and human services.

2/10/2018 proposal deadline

(RFP opens in early December)

Active Learning Center Grant
Up to $65,000 worth of classroom furnishings and interior design for the renovation of a single classroom space  Steelcase Education seeks partners in active learning who are ready to use they physical classroom space to advance learning in a new and important ways.


Wheatridge Foundation GrantsPlus $6K - $50 K over 2-3 years
  • New and innovative (A program 3 years new or younger)
  • Addressing a demonstrated health and human care need*
  • Led by congregations or nonprofit organizations with connections to the Lutheran community
  • Proposals must be from domestic ministries with the organization or congregation located and incorporated in the United States and serving people in the United States.

Max & Victoria Dreyfus Foundation


How a small amount of money can make a big impact.?The Foundation will consider requests to support museums, cultural, and performing arts programs; schools, hospitals, educational and skills training programs, programs for youth, seniors, and the handicapped; environmental and wildlife protection activities; and other community-based organizations and their programs.

6/10/2018- LOI due

7/10/2017- Application due

Siebert Lutheran Foundation


*Capital requests over $50,000 may only apply during this “Fall Funding Cycle”

Siebert Lutheran Foundation focuses its funding on ministries and projects based in Lutheran churches and organizations that are working to achieve one or more of the following funding priorities:  1. Growing the Body of Christ, 2. Educating while Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, 3. Serving as the Hands and Feet of Christ


The following funding opportunities do not have specific application deadlines, they are either rolling or on-going.


Funding Sponsor




Alfred P. Sloan Foundation


The purpose of this program is to support projects that contribute to the reasoned and systematic understanding of the forces of nature and society. Ultimately, projects are expected to lead to a better world for all. Primarily, the funding agency supports original research and education related to science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and economics. 

Multiple Deadlines for Multiple Programs

American Council of Learned Societies


The mission of the American Council of Learned Societies is “the advancement of humanistic studies in all fields of learning in the humanities and the social sciences and the maintenance and strengthening of relations among the national societies devoted to such studies.”


Multiple Categories

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

$150K or less

The Foundation makes grants in five core program areas: 

  • Higher Education and Scholarship in the Humanities
  • Arts and Cultural Heritage
  • Diversity
  • Scholarly Communications
  • International Higher Education and Strategic Projects


7/1/2018 - 11/2/2018

Arthur Vining Davis Private Higher Education Grants

$25K - $300K

Private Higher Education grant proposals will be considered in the following general areas:
1. Leadership development for faculty, students, and senior leaders
2. Interfaith literacy and leadership for curriculum, student, and faculty research
3. Environmental stewardship and sustainability in research, curriculum, and experience
4. Student and faculty intellectual inquiry, including faculty development and support for student – faculty undergraduate research
5. Diversity, inclusion, and support for underserved education constituencies

Rolling Carl & Marilyn Thoma Art Foundation Unspecified The purpose of this program is to fund academic programs, exhibitions, lectures, symposia, and publications that provide promising new insights into the funding agency’s collection fields. Early-stage projects with ground-shifting concepts for which seed funds are critical to the endeavor are encouraged.
Ongoing Charles Koch Foundation Unspecified  This foundation is interested in supporting papers and projects related to Foundations of Well-Being, Criminal Justice and Policing Reform, Tolerance, Innovation, Cronyism, and Foreign Policy. Funding level determined by requirements of research and potential to advance an understanding of critical issues.
Rolling Coleman Foundation, Inc. Unspecified

The purpose of this program is to support initiatives in entrepreneurship education, cancer treatment and education, and services for individuals with developmental disabilities. Funding is generally provided for program support, although general operating support may be provided in special circumstances.

On-going ECMC Foundation $25,000 - $300,000

The purpose of this program is to support activities that inspire and facilitate improvements that affect educational outcomes, especially among underserved populations, through evidence-based innovation. Emphasis is placed on projects that are scalable to impact large numbers of students regardless of age. Supported projects should help to increase college success, promote teacher development, and assist career readiness.

 Ongoing Ford Foundation  Unspecified To address these drivers of inequality, the funding agency makes awards in the following seven interconnected areas:
  • Civic engagement and government
  • Free expression and creativity
  • Equitable development
  • Gender, racial, and ethnic justice
  • Inclusive economies
  • Internet freedom
  • Youth opportunity and learning
Rolling Formulabs 3D Printing Grant 3D printer equipment

Are you part of an educational institution that is working on a project at the cutting edge of technology and research? The Formlabs Education Grant is an opportunity for educational labs to receive a Form 2 for their research facility by sharing a project that will benefit from the use of a 3D printer.This grant is open to all accredited educational institutions in any department. Submit a detailed project outline or proposal that your lab is working on to be considered.

Ongoing Hearst Foundation  Unspecified

Education Grants- The purpose of this program is to support efforts that are aimed at preparing students to succeed in a global society. This program primarily focuses on higher education initiatives; however, innovative early childhood programs, K-12 programs, and professional development initiatives may also be supported. Funding may be requested for program, scholarship, and/or capital support. On a limited basis the funding agency may also provide general and endowment support through this program. *Funding source also has grants in health, culture & social service categories



1.Eligibility Quiz

2.Letter of Inquiry


Henry Luce Foundation  $35K - $200K 

The purpose of this program is to support higher education projects that advance academia. Through this program, the funding agency seeks to advance the following goals:

  • Stimulate and support scholarship, especially projects that break new ground and that cross disciplinary and geographic boundaries
  • Ensure that high-quality research, especially in the humanities and qualitative social sciences, informs policymaking and public discussion
  • Prepare the next generation of diverse scholars and academic leaders

Ongoing LOI

Multiple Application Deadlines

John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation


The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation supports creative people, effective institutions, and influential networks building a more just, verdant, and peaceful world. MacArthur is placing a few big bets that truly significant progress is possible on some of the world’s most pressing social challenges, including over-incarcerationglobal climate changenuclear risk, and significantly increasing financial capital for the social sector. In addition to the MacArthur Fellows Program, the Foundation continues its historic commitments to the role of journalism in a responsible and responsive democracy, as well as the strength and vitality of our headquarters city, Chicago.

LOI accepted on a rolling basis, however, letters of inquiry should be submitted at least six to eight weeks prior to the proposal deadline for a given grant cycle.

The Joyce Foundation


The Joyce Foundation supports the development of policies that both improve the quality of life for people in the Great Lakes region and serve as a models for the rest of the country. Investment and focus is on today’s most pressing problems while also informing the public policy decisions critical to creating opportunity and achieving long-term solutions. It seeks to ensure the continuing vitality of the Great Lakes region among the following areas: education; employment; environment; culture, democracy; and gun violence prevention

Funding opportunities take three forms:
1. Ongoing 
2. Specific deadlines
3. By invitation from a Kresge program officer

The Kresge Foundation


The Kresge Foundation supports efforts that create access and opportunity in underserved communities. Current and upcoming grant opportunities are identified and listed on their website. Additional grant opportunities are only open to applicants invited by program staff members. A variety of grants are awarded and they are exploring a range of program-related investments.


Leighty Foundation


The purpose of this program is to support nonprofit organizations primarily in the areas of earth protection, education, the promotion of volunteer engagement, and philanthropy, including health, human community, and women’s interest projects. 



Lisa & Douglass Goldman Foundation

$1K - $50K

The Lisa and Douglas Goldman Fund supports organizations that are making valuable contributions in the following fields:


Lumina Foundation


This foundation provides funding for initiatives designed to “to increase awareness of the benefits of higher education, improve student access to and preparedness for college, improve student success in college and increase productivity across the higher education system.”

Limited resources are available for unsolicited inquiries, due to the proactive nature of our grant making. We will consider unsolicited inquiries submitted through this form. Due to the high volume of inquiries, we can only respond to the inquiries we may be interested in pursuing. For detailed instructions, please see Preparing and Submitting a Letter of Inquiry.


Pop Culture Collaborative

$5K - $30K

The purpose of this program is to advance social justice through pop culture by supporting projects that deliver a rapid response to acute political, news, or cultural moments. Funding will support efforts that address recent and unanticipated or fast-approaching events. Projects must focus on creating and catalyzing just and authentic narratives about people of color, Muslims, immigrants, and refugees. Additionally, projects must disrupt dangerous and/or advance authentic narratives about one or all of these communities. All projects must use vehicles of entertainment, storytelling, and media to reach mass audiences of 1 million people or more, or to guide those with the power to do so.


Praxair Global Giving Program



The purpose of this program is to support communities by providing educational opportunities, promoting cultural diversity, improving access to health and wellness programs, and preserving and protecting the environment around the world. 

Rolling Reiman Foundation


The purpose of this program is to provide philanthropic support to nonprofit, charitable, and civic initiatives in Denver, Colorado; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and across the United States, with a primary focus on education, health care, the arts, and children’s initiatives. Previous award recipients have provided scholarships to students in need, supported medical facilities, and helped develop young leaders.
LOI submissions accepted on a rolling basis Reva and David Logan Foundation

No amount designated

Range $5000-$500,000

The purpose of this program is to to support projects in the arts, innovative approaches to teaching and delivering excellence in journalism, community organization, and promotion of social justice and community organizing. The funding agency seeks to fund projects that would not be successful without their support.
Ongoing Robert Wood Johnson Foundation  Unspecified The purpose of this program is to support pioneering ideas that help anticipate the future and consider new and unconventional perspectives and approaches to building a culture of health. Program goals include exploring, looking into the future and putting health first, and discovering uncharted territory in order to better understand what new trends, opportunities, and breakthrough ideas can enable all citizens to live the healthiest life possible.


SC Johnson Grant $5000

What is the focus of SC Johnson grants?
SC Johnson predominately supports institutions or organizations that serve or directly impact communities where we have major operations. Areas of Focused Giving:

  • Arts, Culture & Humanities 
  • Community & Economic Development 
  • Education 
  • Health & Wellness 
  • Social Services 
  • Environment & Sustainability


The Spencer Foundation Funds Multiple Programs with different funding amounts and application deadlines 

This foundation’s mission is to “investigate ways in which education, broadly conceived, can be improved around the world.” It funds grants focusing on several different aspects of higher education.


Letter of Inquiry

Techstars Foundation $10K - $50K

The purpose of this program is to support organizations that are working to increase diversity in entrepreneurship.


Reviewed on a Quarterly Basis

Toomey Foundation for the Natural Sciences Unspecified

The purpose of the Toomey Foundation is to acquire, protect and study scientifically important land and environmental resources. Our primary focus is in the fields of archeology, astronomy, botany, geology and paleontology. Grants are made to researchers and organizations in these fields as funding becomes available. Grants are made on a case by case basis. Applications for grants must demonstrate an educational value. Funding may be made in whole or in part.



 VWR Foundation  $10,000

The purpose of this program is to support the funding agency’s mission to improve the lives of people all across the world. Funding is available for organizations and programs in alignment with the funding agency’s three strategic priorities, which are to conduct research for new innovation and scientific applications, improve health and well-being, and build greater awareness and improvement in science education. 

Rolling- reviewed quarterly

Wildlife Acoustics Scientific Production Grant


Consideration given to projects that make signigicant use of bioacoustics for data collection; work advances scientific knowledge & contributes to long-term conversation, award would have significant impact on success of project, provides adequate information to evaluate project, and project should begin in the year application submitted.


WK Kellogg Foundation


We are always looking to support new and innovative ideas and efforts that help ensure all children, families and communities – regardless of race or income – have opportunities to reach their full potential. WKKF wants all children to live a full life with high-quality early childhood experiences, in a home with families that have good jobs, and in a community where they are nurtured. Embedded in all that we do is a commitment to advancing racial equity, to developing leaders and to engaging communities in solving their own problems.