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The Sociology Department assists students in finding internships that will provide hands-on experience and insight into a specific career path. Internships help students prepare for graduate school and work in the private sector.


J-Term is a month-long period of study in January in which all academic departments offer innovative courses on campus, as well as study tours in other countries. J-Term courses offered by Sociology faculty include The Pursuit of Happiness, in which students examine various theories of what brings happiness, and the study-tour Tourism and Glaciers: Melting Profits in Patagonia. On this trip, sociology professor William Miller teams up with political science professor Jeff Roberg to teach a course in which students will explore the political, economic, social and ecological importance of Patagonia for the people of Argentina and the world. As one of the last remaining areas of the world with an advancing glacier, Patagonia demonstrates the difficulties of balancing nature, economics and the rights of tourists to explore this area.

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