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Social Work


Welcome to the Carthage Social Work Department website. Because you located this page, I assume you are interested in the overall well being of people throughout the world. Further, I assume that you share the fundamental belief on which social work is built: individuals, families, communities and institutions are shaped by their social environments. Professional social workers are trained to promote life-enhancement within the social environment.

The social work program at Carthage is fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). Our curriculum is directly influenced by the professional standards set by CSWE. For example, beginning in 2010, student achievement will be measured by practice behaviors that conform to competencies established by CSWE. This is a significant change from our previous reliance on knowledge acquisition as the indicator of achievement. See the CSWE site for further information on this trend.

Professional social work education includes many hours of work in community-based social service agencies. At Carthage students enjoy internships in agencies throughout their years of study. A significant part of their training is the 500-hour field placement generally undertaken in the final semester of undergraduate study.

Our faculty includes full- and part-time instructors whose professional experience includes nearly every field within social welfare and totals well over 100 years of service. We welcome you to our profession and assure you that our society’s needs exceed the reaches of our profession. So, there is a place for you in the field of social work and you can claim that place by completing the social work major at Carthage.

See you soon.

Danielle Geary, MSW APSW

Chair of the Social Work Department
Assistant Professor of Social Work

Lentz Hall 328D
(262) 551-5712


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