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Social Work

The social work profession is concerned with promoting the well-being of people. Social workers assist individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities achieve life-enhancing goals as they learn to cope with or shape the social and environmental forces that affect daily life.

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Social Work

Carthage’s professional social work curriculum equips students with knowledge, values and skills necessary for generalist practice. Through required field experiences, the department provides students with supervised opportunities to master the requisite competencies in actual practice situations.

The Carthage Social Work Department is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education, an international agency that assures a program meets the standards established for a bachelor’s degree in social work.

Department Mission

Social Work is an undergraduate major that prepares students to be competent and effective professionals, educated to provide leadership in the development of social service delivery systems. The department is based on a curriculum grounded in the profession’s history, purposes, and philosophy deemed necessary for entry-level generalist practice and/or graduate studies. The curriculum is based on a belief in the intrinsic value of all humankind and the advancement of social justice and human rights. It is committed to integrating the liberal arts with social work knowledge and values in order to serve those in need. The mission of the College has inherent philosophies consistent with the profession’s purpose, values, ethics, and mission.

The Carthage Social Work Department follows academic standards for professional preparation as set forth by the Council on Social Work Education. All aspects of the department are developed within the history, philosophy, and values of the profession.

Department Goals

  • To help students use critical thinking skills to integrate the liberal arts and our profession’s history, purpose, and philosophy into competent and effective professional social work skills which include interventions for a range of client systems.

  • To sensitize students to issues of human diversity and the dignity and worth of the person building on the resilience and strength of the client system, while assisting them in pursuing integrity in personal, professional and institutional relations.

  • To prepare students to understand and link scientific inquiry with practice and policy and participate in efforts directed toward uplifting social justice and human rights.

  • To motivate and prepare professional practitioners with commitment to the social work profession values including a universal goal of human and social well being.



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