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Psychological Science

Student Voices

What’s it like to study psychology at Carthage? Learn more about the Carthage Psychological Science Department from the students who are part of it. Read what Carthage psychology majors have to say.

  • Lee Hollman ’17

    • Majors: Psychology, Criminal Justice
    • Hometown: Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin

    “My first year at Carthage was amazing. I met a great group of friends through teams and organizations, and I can’t wait to meet more new people next year.”

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  • Nicole Jokubauskas ’17

    • Majors: Psychology
    • Minors: Biology
    • Hometown: Alsip, Ill.

    “I love hanging out in front of Madrigrano around the volleyball courts. I’ve met so many amazing people.”

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  • Kelly Kaderlik ’17

    • Majors: Psychology and Studio Art
    • Hometown: Rosemount, Minn.

    “There are many different career paths you can pursue with the combination of majors and minors Carthage offers. Take your time here to figure out what inspires you most and apply that to the direction you’ll take.”

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  • Kiran Sehgal ’18

    • Majors: Psychology and Neuroscience
    • Minors: Spanish
    • Hometown: Cedar Grove, Wis.

    “I am grateful that I chose Carthage to launch me toward fulfilling my dreams. I am thankful for the beautiful campus I get to call home for the next few years, the memories I will be able to make, and goals I will accomplish here.”

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  • Dara Zucker ’16

    • Majors: Psychology
    • Minors: Women and Gender Studies
    • Hometown: Kenosha, Wis.

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