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Physics & Astronomy

Hear from Past Students

Past Student Voices

  • KelliAnn Anderson ‘14

    • Majors: Physics
    • Minors: Spanish
    • Hometown: Cumberland, Wis.

    “Carthage is providing me an environment where I realize I could go on and do even greater things, and giving me the confidence and determination I need to do so.”

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  • Stephanie Finnvik ‘12

    • Majors: Physics, Pre-Engineering, Spanish
    • Hometown: Brooklyn Park, Minn.

    “One of the biggest strengths of the Physics Department is that you have the opportunity to get to know each of the professors personally.”

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  • Erin Gross ‘11

    • Majors: Physics, Pre-Engineering
    • Hometown: Madison, Wis.

    “Each student is seen as an individual rather than a number.”

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  • Cecilia Grove ‘11

    • Majors: Physics
    • Minors: Climatology, Meteorology
    • Hometown: Quad Cities, Iowa

    “I also love some of the friendships I’ve gained through activities and clubs like the physics and fencing clubs.”

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  • Kim Schultz ‘12

    • Majors: Physics
    • Minors: Mathematics
    • Hometown: Genoa City, Wis.

    “Physics shows why the universe acts as it does.”

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  • Douglas Vodnik ‘13

    • Majors: Physics
    • Minors: Mathematics
    • Hometown: Franklin, Wis.

    “The physics department here has a number of excellent professors who obviously love helping their students.”

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  • Danielle Weiland ‘14

    • Majors: Physics
    • Minors: Mathematics, Engineering
    • Hometown: Kenosha, Wis.

    “Don’t be afraid of physics. It’s tough, but the teachers are there to get you through until you graduate.”

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