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At the core of any well-rounded life stands the ongoing task of examining, clarifying and revising, where necessary, one’s beliefs and values. The study of philosophy bears directly upon this enterprise.

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Philosophy, in its broadest sense, is the sustained and thoughtful inquiry into the nature of the universe and the role of human beings within it.

To this end, philosophy aims to develop students’ capacity for independent, critical thinking, and to acquaint them with humankind’s efforts to carry out this investigation.

The courses offered by the Carthage Philosophy Department emphasize both the mastery of the material and the development of skills, such as patient, careful reading; recognition, analysis, and evaluation of arguments; and the clear presentation and justification of one’s own beliefs. Students thus become more capable of thinking independently. 

Philosophy courses at Carthage include The Art of Thinking, Business Ethics, Herodotus and Thucydides: History, Philosophy or Literature?, and Thoreau’s Walden: the Practical, Poetic Life. See all Philosophy courses.

Carthage Philosophy Department faculty and students are very active on campus, hosting events including lectures in the popular The Book That Changed My Life lecture series.

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