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The Omrit Excavations

Voices of Omrit

“This experience will change your life; words cannot articulate how meaningful this trip was to me. It immersed me in an ancient, rich world that wasn’t just limited to a dig site, but rather Israel in its entirety. I was exposed to cultures, religions, politics, and people that can never be explained or defined in a Wikipedia article or book. It opened my eyes to the real grittiness and glory of the convergence of Judaism and Islam and Christianity and also of Israelis and Palestinians and Arabs by digging up their past, observing their present, and communing about their future.”

Jonathan Welser
Carthage College ’13


“If you want an practical introduction to archaeology, if the Roman Empire gives you tingles, if a trip to one of the most interesting parts of the world sounds like fun, and if you want to get down and dirty with some very stimulating people, then come to Omrit!”

Bill Loughner
Athens, Georgia


“I can honestly say going to Omrit changed my life. The hands-on experience confirmed archeology was what I wanted to do with my life and I learned more from the hands-on training than I ever could in a desk. Traveling to the other sites -ancient and modern- broadened my perspective of the world and made me a more global person.”

Maggie Knowles
Carthage College ’13


“My summer at Omrit was one of the best experiences I have ever had. Not only did I meet great people and see amazing sites, but the experience further made up my mind that archeology is truly what I want to do. I learned so much not only about archeology, but also about people and a culture that I would have not have had a chance to know anywhere else. I had a truly amazing time and I hope to go back very soon.”

Arianna Stimpfl
Anthropology Major & Art History Major



“What’s really cool about Omrit is that you can go on the dig even if you aren’t majoring in Archaeology or Classics.  It’s an experience many archaeologists wouldn’t be able to get until graduate school, and here we can have undergraduates doing the same thing when their only tie to archaeology is an interest in the subject.”

John Robinson
Carthage College ’13


“The experience I had Omrit gave me valuable work experience for my future while also getting to get to know people who have similar interests from all around the country. One thing I find particularly great about the trip is the fact that you do not just learn about the ancient culture or just the modern culture, but are exposed to both and how they are connected.”

Andrew Lawrence
Carthage College ’15


Having the chance to experience field work at Omrit has been incredibly beneficial for me; it has only strengthened my decision to go into the field of archaeology.  By getting the chance to utilize skills learned in the classroom archaeology comes to life. The early mornings and hard work are worth the result of uncovering an ancient site and learning more about the region of Northern Israel throughout multiple layers of occupation. Outside of the field work, it is incredibly eye-opening to see the Middle East and experience their culture. This trip not only verified that archaeology was the right choice for me but it also expanded my knowledge of different types of archaeology and has strengthened my decision to pursue further education in the field.

Erin Oakland
Carthage College ’16


Going to Omrit was one of the most fantastic experiences of my life; I cannot say how much it helped me grow intellectually and as a person. Not only was it amazing to get hands on experience in virtually every piece of working on a dig, it also helps in learning to work with a wide variety of people, and it was spectacular to see such a beautiful country, learn more about the history of the area, and get a view of the geopolitical situation from a much more up-close-and-personal place. All-in-all I would certainly say that my experiences on the dig at Omrit changed my life.

Tim Anderson
Duquesne University ’15


Before Omrit I had experienced archaeology only as a bunch of crisply printed graphs and conclusions in the classroom, but digging this season has taught me that so much more happens before I even sit down. Breaking through millennia of dirt, sifting meticulously for what might be preserved within, staring perplexed at wall tumble, taking on challenging work hours and fighting arguably more challenging occupational hazards (gnats-you’ve been warned) all gave me a solid taste of what is required to produce the information I used to take for granted. Visiting other archaeological sites in Israel and discussing the interpretive choices made at each with experienced archaeologists taught me to appreciate the trade-off necessary between a burning zeal for one’s thesis and measured intellectual honesty, and being in Israel itself was an eye-opening privilege. I thought my month at Omrit was an extremely worthwhile and inspiring use of summer, I look forward to returning next year. 

Dolly Bai
Williams College ’18



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