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Practical, hands-on research experience is an important component for understanding the discipline of neuroscience. At Carthage, neuroscience students begin their own research early and conduct research often, working closely with faculty to hone their skills and prepare for careers or graduate school.

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Neuroscience is an interdisciplinary field that explores connections between nature and behavior. Neuroscientists study the structure and function of the nervous system to develop an integrated understanding of how the physical, electrical, chemical, and genetic properties of the central nervous system interact with the behaviors of a particular organism.

The Neuroscience Program at Carthage encompasses:

  • The molecular and cellular basis of neuronal function.
  • Nervous system structure.
  • Neural correlates of behavior.
  • Mechanisms of nervous system disorders.

The program provides both a breadth of understanding in basic scientific principles and depth of understanding in the emerging area of nervous system research, preparing students for graduate school and career opportunities in a diverse range of scientific research and medical/therapeutic fields.

Conduct research early and often.

Carthage neuroscience majors take the course Research Methods in Neuroscience during their sophomore year. In this introductory course, students work on an actual scientific project, collecting data that will be presented nationally. By learning core skills in brain research, experimental methods, and analysis early in their college career, students are able to pursue research on a deeper level as juniors and seniors.

Students have access to research equipment in the Biology, Chemistry and Psychological Science departments, as well as the rodent colony in the Neuroscience Laboratory. All students are required to complete an independent research project under the supervision of a neuroscience faculty member.

A program tailored to your passions

Neuroscience majors take a balance of classes in biology, chemistry, and psychology, and are encouraged to match their elective courses with their research interests. This interdisciplinary approach, coupled with the freedom to pursue your personal interests within the field, attracts many students to the major.

Students interested in the molecular and cellular function of the nervous system are encouraged to take electives in biology. Students interested in the behavioral correlates of nervous system function are encouraged to take electives in psychology. Students interested in the chemical properties of the nervous system are encouraged to take electives in chemistry.

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