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2016-17 Repertoire

New Student Convocation — Amati
Regner – Sechs Ländler
Mendelssohn – Mendelssohn

Homecoming Concert
Wind Orchestra
Libby Larsen – River Fanfare
Gillis – Paul Bunyan, Overture to a Legend
Cowell – Celtic Set

Lakeside Band Festival — Libby Larsen, guest conductor
Wind Orchestra
Larsen – River Fanfare
Larsen – URSA, Scott Tegge-tuba
Larsen – Introduction to the Moon
Larsen – Strut

Christmas Festival
Concert Band
Grainger – Sussex Mummers’ Christmas Carol

Wind Orchestra
Schoenberg – Weihnacten
Spittal – Pacem

Japan Tour Program
Wind Orchestra
Gillis – Paul Bunyan, Overture to a Legend
Larsen – Strut
Garrop – Helios, Penelope Waits & The Lovely Sirens 
McAllister – Black Dog
Kataoka – Sea Goddess
Cowell – Celtic Set 

All That Brass
Wind Orchestra with the Belle City Brass Ensemble
Himes – Nicaea
Gregson – Voices of Youth
Vaughan Williams – Henry V
Arnold – Little Suite

Symphony of Songs
Concert Band
Shapiro – Lights Out & Tight Squeeze
Menno Bosgra – Romanza & Majestic Solemnity

Wind Orchestra
de Meij – Symphony of Songs (Symphony #4)

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