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Meet Carthage Music Alumni

  • Rachel Page ’10

    • Current Position: 

      Performer, pianist, and vocal instructor

    • Major(s): Music Theatre

    “I think the best thing Carthage has to offer is its professors. I felt like each one of my professors had my well being in mind. I felt like I was an individual personality, not just a face in a class. My professors always made time for me, even when they weren’t in my major. I could stop in an office and contemplate life or assignments and then make jokes about both. I owe a lot to my mentors.”

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  • Daniel Ermel ’11

    • Current Position: 

      Music teacher at Oak Terrace Elementary School in Highwood, Illinois

    • Major(s): Musical Theatre

    “The well-roundedness of the program at Carthage was extremely beneficial to my success. I didn’t just perform. I learned to build sets, to sew costumes, to direct one-acts. I spent a J-Term studying the wildlife in the Costa Rican rainforest. Carthage made me so much more than just an actor or a musician; it made me a person.”

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  • Maren Schutz ’15

    • Current Position: 

      Volunteer teacher for ELCA Young Adults in Global Mission

    • Major(s): Music Education

    “No matter how sure, or unsure, you are of what you want to do with your life, always keep an open heart and open mind to the many incredible opportunities life has to offer.”

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  • Brad Eden ’82

    • Current Position: 

      Dean of Library Services at the University of Valparaiso

    • Major(s): Religion and Music

    “I learned how to view people’s perspectives and viewpoints from many angles, without rushing to judgment.”

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  • Kelly (Stengert) Smith ’07

    • Current Position: 

      Corporate Attorney

    • Major(s): Psychology, Music

    “The personal and individual attention Carthage students receive in every single class is invaluable. Faculty members are highly qualified and accomplished, yet very focused on teaching. I don’t doubt that my full-tuition scholarship for law school had a lot to do with the writing and analytical skills I refined during college.”

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  • Nick Huff ’15

    • Current Position: 

      Opera Singer, Master’s Candidate at The Eastman School of Music

    • Major(s): Music — Vocal Performance

    Carthage didn’t simply hand me a piece of paper sagging as it was handed over, they made me a full person capable of seizing what I need and want out of life, not merely pointing to dues paid in the form of a degree.

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  • Christina Laur-Nuernberger ’09

    • Current Position: 

      Speech-Language Pathologist, Voice Specialist

    • Major(s): Music

    “My experience at Carthage prepared me to be a strong, methodical thinker. I learned that an education (and eventually a career) is about much more than simply learning material. It is about integrating ideas and problem solving. At Carthage I was allowed to make mistakes in a safe environment, which in turn helped instill in me to be open to change, new ideas, and hard work.”

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