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Modern Languages

About the Program

The Target Language Experts program brings graduate students from around the world to Carthage to teach introductory and conversation courses in the Department of Modern Languages.

Most TLEs are at Carthage for two years. During that time, they are also students. Many travel to other American cities to learn about American culture. While they live in private rooms, they have host families in the area, who teach them about American family life. TLEs also take classes at Carthage toward a Master’s Degree in Education. 

While at Carthage, TLEs

  • Teach two classes of first-year language per semester, plus a conversation weekly course one semester each year.
  • Earn a stipend of US $5,000 for the first year, plus a $500 bonus, and an increase in the second year.
  • Take classes (valued at $25,000 per year) that may lead toward a Master’s Degree in Education.
  • Receive a private room and full board (food), valued at $7,000.
  • Live in a small international community with other young people from Germany, France, Colombia, Mexico, Japan and Spain.

Carthage requires that TLEs

  • Have sufficient command of English, to allow each one to participate in university courses and write papers in English.
  • Have a university diploma before beginning the TLE program.
  • Be interested in sharing their language and culture with young Americans.
  • Be willing to spend two years in the United States living in a small international community on campus.

Target Language Experts who are judged by faculty to have sufficient skills to write a master’s thesis are permitted to pursue the diploma of Master of Education awarded by the College.

If you have questions about this program, please contact Professor Edward Montanaro, director of Target Language Experts.

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