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Modern Languages

Student Voices

Meet students who are majoring in Chinese, French, German, Japanese or Spanish at Carthage:

  • Jessie Bingaman ’16

    • Majors: Chinese, Spanish
    • Hometown: Arlington Heights, Ill.

    “Carthage has provided me with so many opportunities to learn, make connections with professors on campus, and share my knowledge with people outside the Carthage community.”

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  • Ellyn Comer ’16

    • Majors: Chinese
    • Hometown: Brownsburg, Ind.

    “I cannot imagine studying Chinese at any other college.” 

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  • Victoria Dillinger ’16

    • Majors: International Political Economy and Japanese
    • Minors: Political Science
    • Hometown: Ellettsville, Indiana

    “From my first tour, I loved the people I encountered at Carthage. I had already toured several schools, but nowhere had I found the same sense of community and a relaxed, yet academically-minded atmosphere.”

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  • Teylor Douglas-Perkins ’16

    • Majors: French
    • Minors: Spanish
    • Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri

    “You never know what’s behind a door. It could be a blessing or a lesson waiting to be learned. Be fearless!”

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  • Jade Eckert ’17

    • Majors: French, Finance
    • Hometown: Racine, Wisconsin

    “The biggest surprise so far has been how easy it has been to talk to professors, whether it is about regular class assignments, extra work you are completing for the class, or for help with material that you do not understand.”

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  • Brittney Frederick ’17

    • Majors: French, Political Science
    • Minors: Spanish, Sociology
    • Hometown: Plainfield, Ill.

    “I never would have guessed that I would have the chance to lead organizations, explore subjects outside of my major, travel to summits, do research, and meet so many amazing students and professors.”

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  • Andrew Igl ’19

    • Majors: Japanese
    • Minors: Business Management and Asian Studies
    • Hometown: Oregon, Wisconsin

    “I chose Carthage because the Japanese Department and the Japanese community at Carthage gives me the best advantage in learning the language and culture.”

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  • Beth Klein ’16

    • Majors: Biology, Chinese
    • Minors: Chemistry
    • Hometown: Sheboygan, Wis.

    “My research experience with Phage Hunters and SURE opened me up to more research opportunities.”

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