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Model United Nations

Welcome to Model United Nations at Carthage College. We in the Model United Nations (MUN) strive to better understand international politics.

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The organization is open to all majors. The only requirement is an interest in international issues and a willingness to express your ideas.

Reasons to join MUN

Model United Nations helps develop a vast array of skills needed in the professional world. A participant’s public speaking, debating, writing, and research skills will all be greatly improved. Negotiation skills will also be significantly enhanced as you work closely and often intensely with other delegations to refine a resolution that can be passed by the Model United Nations. 

The organization was founded in 1997 and has since grown in size and achievement. During the 2015-2016 academic year, Carthage Model United Nations had 41 members and won seven awards at conferences.

What to expect

Carthage MUN attends at least two conferences a year. We have attended regional and international conferences in cities such as Chicago, New York, Bogotá, and Bucharest. At these conferences, we attend a simulation of a session of the United Nations and represent the interests of an assigned country. In recent years, we have represented such countries as the United States, Germany, Mongolia, Egypt, Turkey, the Russian Federation, Cuba and Singapore. In acting in the country’s best interests, we are not allowed to let our personal opinions interfere in the policy we argue for and must stick to the stance of the country we represent.

Another goal of the organization is to further political awareness. As an organization, we hope to increase not only our own, but the community’s political awareness. As evidence of our commitment to global issues, the organization has contributed to and supported such organizations as Doctors Without Borders and The Heifer International program, and Women and Children’s Horizons.

MUN Conference for High School Students

Carthage also hosts an annual Model United Nations Conference for High School students. This conference is currently a one-day conference that explores recent international concerns.

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