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Meet Carthage Mathematics Alumni

  • Benjamin Burch ’06

    • Current Position: 

      Researcher, Washington University

    • Major(s): Physics and Mathematics

    “Carthage quickly steered me away from going to medical school, where I do not think I would have been very happy. I was able to get into a good graduate program, which I’m now leaving with a nice group of lifelong friends and an amazing wife and kids.”

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  • Dan Monfre ‘09

    • Current Position: Teacher at Ronald Reagan College Preparatory High School in Milwaukee
    • Major(s): Mathematics, Spanish

    “Professors at Carthage played a big role in how I teach. You can feel their passion while they teach, and you could tell that cared not only about what they taught, but that they cared about the students too. I try to do that as well by trying to relate to my students.”

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  • Jim Rudolph ’08

    • Current Position: Senior Guest Insights Specialist at Target
    • Major(s): Mathematics, Business, Marketing

    “I could always tell how passionate they were about their subjects in the classroom from the ‘teaching first’ approach at Carthage. This extended into long chats in their offices and even their homes as a student and also as an alumnus trying to plot out my next life steps.”

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