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Computer Science


  • Adam Muniz '09, who earned a degree in computer science at Carthage, was featured in an alumni profile.
    Adam Muniz '09, who earned a degree in computer science at Carthage, was featured in an alumni profile.
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Adam Muniz ’09

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Computer Science

Current position

Software Engineer

Half of adults in the United States own a smartphone or tablet, and that number is steadily rising. We literally carry technology with us everywhere, right in our pockets.

Carthage computer science graduate Adam Muniz ’09 is part of the evolution of mobile technology.

After graduating from Carthage, Mr. Muniz headed west to Colorado to start his career as a software engineer for Innoprise Software (now MSGovern), a company that specialized in providing software solutions for local government and utilities. After a year and a half, he moved to Qualvu, one of the leading companies using new technologies for consumer research. Qualvu’s clients include Microsoft, eBay, and Toyota. Mr. Muniz develops Qualvu’s web application and iOS and Android apps, a position that keeps him busy and requires a great deal of thinking outside of the box.

Luckily, he was prepared.

“In everything I’ve done, I’ve been on the cutting edge of technology,” he said. “At Carthage, I became a much better and more rounded problem-solver, which is something I utilize daily in software engineering.”

Mr. Muniz has two other passions: entrepreneurship and volunteerism. He has already helped some of his friends start their own businesses with his expertise in technology and business, and one day he hopes to do the same for himself. 

“I’ve been intrigued by starting my own business for a while now,” he said. “I’ve always had a passion for making it on my own. I think it would be incredible to have a business that made a difference for people.”

Mr. Muniz credits Carthage’s Entrepreneurial Studies in the Natural Sciences program for teaching him the ins and outs of business, public speaking, research, and other skills.

“Lots of people are set on creating the next big thing and hopefully being bought out by a company like Google,” he said. “I volunteered with Habitat for Humanity and I believe there is a lot of space to improve peoples’ lives by means of software such as video and social media.

“The next big idea doesn’t have to be for profit. It should be something for the greater good of humanity,” Mr. Muniz said. “Hopefully I can create something like that.”

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