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  • Jacquelynn Glass

Jacquelynn Glass ’15


Graphic Design and Communication


Hillsdale, Mich.

Name of Business/Organization

Remy Bumppo Theatre Company in Chicago, Ill.

Internship Position

Marketing Intern

Give three words that sum up your internship experience.

Artistic, Inclusive, Pride

How did you learn about your internship?

“Remy Bumppo’s marketing and artistic internships were both featured on Carthage’s webpage for the Carthage in Chicago program.”

Describe your internship.

“My internship varies a lot depending both on what needs to be done and where we are in the time frame of our current show, but consists primarily of small design projects and some marketing research. Currently, I am creating a Facebook campaign to introduce the actors of our upcoming show, The Clean House, and researching twitter strategies.”

What do you enjoy most about your internship? What are some of the challenges?

“I think the most enjoyable thing about this is that it feels like I’m actually part of the company. I am included in staff meetings and am given opportunities to share my ideas and projects with the rest of the staff on a daily basis. I find myself discussing Remy Bumppo’s successes with pride, even though I am only an intern, because I feel so immersed in the company. One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced so far is catering my design projects to my supervisor’s visions, which really isn’t too different from being in class. I think that’s always a big challenge that comes with graphic design, because you’re given the opportunity to be creative but still need to consider the needs and wants of your clients. In the classroom, the client is your professor, and in this case it’s my supervisor.”

How does your internship fit with your long-term career goals?

“This internship is great because it’s filling out my portfolio with functional real life work! I already have a few solid pieces of classes and some freelance pieces, but now I’m doing campaigns entirely on my own that are comprehensive across multiple platforms, and next semester when I go into job interviews I can show this to possible employers and comfortably say ‘yes, I did this.’”

During your internship search, how did you make yourself stand out to employers?

“I didn’t have a lot of ‘real life’ experience, so I marketed myself by talking about my enthusiasm and passion. What I didn’t have in actual job experience,  I made up for with my dedication to freelance projects and my eagerness to learn.”

What did you find to be the most helpful during your internship search process?

“The knowledge of the Career Services office, and the support of my friends and family. There was a lot of competition for some of the internships I applied for, and at times it was discouraging to apply to so many internships and rarely hear back. But being constantly reminded that it would be worth it to be able to have this experience helped me to stay on track!”

Do you have any tips to share with other students about your experience?

“Don’t give up! If you want to participate in Carthage in Chicago, do what you need to do to make it happen. Apply to 23 internships, take a summer class, do whatever it takes to get you where you want to be.”

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