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Music Theatre

Student Voices

Macee Jo Mueller ’16


Greeley, Colo.


Theatre Performance and Music Theatre


Business Administration

Favorite spot on campus

“I found this rock down by the lake that I call ‘mine’ because it’s the perfect place to hear the waves, look at the stars and the water, and breathe. Things get busy and overwhelming, but I can always find myself again and unwind there.”

If Macee Mueller ’16 was going to leave her view of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, she needed another beautiful view to replace it. At Carthage, she got just that and more.

As a double major in Theatre Performance and Music Theatre, Macee hopes to, one day, have a performance career and isn’t wasting any time going after her goal. The opportunities Carthage provides have “challenged and encouraged” her to continually learn and grow.

Macee is involved in Alpha Psi Omega, Chapel Choir, has traveled with Carthage to the Fringe Festival in Scotland to perform a play, and is one of 60 students who have been accepted into the Open Jar Institute in New York for the summer of 2015.

“The professors make me feel like I am a priority and they have professional connections in Milwaukee, Chicago, and across the country,” Macee says. “The location of Carthage, between Chicago and Milwaukee, opens so many doors as a budding artist.”

Career goal

“I hope to have a performance career and eventually get in with a theatre to direct, run programs, and teach.”

Favorite professor

“Having Corinne Ness as a mentor and vocal professor has changed my life and trajectory as a performer. She runs our program with grace and passion and manages to take care of each of her students’ individual needs. She has helped me grow as a performer and as a human. I am forever grateful for the impact she has made on my journey here at Carthage.”

Favorite class

“Although it’s hard to choose just one class as my favorite, I would have to say that I especially enjoyed going to Music Theatre History every day. I learned more than I thought was possible about the history of my craft, the people who have built it up to be what it is today, and how to notice trends within the art form in order to begin to predict its future.”

Toughest class

“My toughest class has been Voice for the Stage. We memorized and performed a new Shakespearean sonnet in a new dialect every week of the semester. It took a ton of time and work, but I was challenged and therefore, I grew. I memorize 10 times faster than I could before taking the class, and now I have a pocket full of dialects that I can use in shows and auditions.”

Opportunities at Carthage

“I went on a two-week trip to New York City and earned two class credits from it. We saw shows, learned how to navigate the city, toured the sights, and visited many museums. I also traveled to the Fringe Festival in Scotland for two weeks to perform in the show ‘No Name’ and am one of 60 students accepted into the Open Jar Institute in New York City this summer, an audition opportunity I got from the Carthage Music Department and Corinne Ness.”

Campus involvement

“I am the current secretary of Alpha Psi Omega, the professional theatre fraternity, and was just elected president for the 2015-2016 year! I have spent four semesters in Chapel Choir, and I have been in many workshop and main stage productions. I also work a part-time, on-campus job in my spare time.”

Favorite moments at Carthage

“I proposed to direct and star in the musical “Ordinary Days” to get class credit, and the Music Department approved my proposal! I will never forget the feeling I had when the show was over and I got to look back at all the work I had done with my castmates and see what a huge success it was. It was really inspiring and it keeps propelling me forward.”

Biggest surprise so far?

“I continue to be surprised by how much I can grow and learn in short periods of time when I am challenged and encouraged.”

What would your 8-year-old self think of you now?

“My 8-year-old self would be shocked, proud, excited, and hopeful to find out that I’m a performance major. It has always been something that I’ve dreamed about, but never thought I’d actually go for. I think, more than anything, she would admire me.”

Advice for other students considering your major

“Always, always, always be a sponge. You will form a personal relationship with professors and they will always have a piece of advice or wisdom to pass off to you. Keep it.”

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