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At Carthage, our dedicated faculty and immersive academic experiences help students uncover new passions and ignite their true potential. We asked students to share how Carthage has shaped the way they view their future.

We asked: “How has Carthage shaped your view?”

“Carthage changed the way I think about research. When I came here, I never thought I would want a job in scientific research. The opportunities here have opened new doors for me.” — Allie Steffen ’18

“Carthage shaped my view by challenging me at the highest level academically and athletically. The first semester of my freshman year, I was able to engage in novel biological research and compete on the women’s volleyball team, which reached the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Tournament. There is no better place to be a student athlete.” — Megan Fallert ’18

“At Carthage, my professors have motivated and inspired me. They have sparked my curiosity to do research, and have taught me to never stop learning and obtaining knowledge about the world.” — Denise Vega Ruvalcaba ’15

“Carthage has shown me how to look at the world critically and find my own way.” — Tyler Witzleb ’16

“Carthage has made me an overall better student. I love going to class and speaking with professors and other students. Everyone waves at you and smiles. Everyone is just so friendly, which can be hard to find.”
— Waverly Matthei ’17

“I’ve come to realize that there’s more to the world than the environments I’ve already been exposed to.”
— Danielle Targosz ’17

“For me, the faculty and staff made the greatest impact. They were encouraging, guiding, caring, and insightful.”  — Kristin Gauger-Kiraly ’15

“Carthage has helped me find my passion for physics,
and find friends for life.” — Jordan Rice ’17

“Carthage has shown me opportunities I didn’t know existed, and changed how I see education, and the world.” — Erik Thorkelson ’17

“The friendly and knowledgeable faculty really make you feel like you can accomplish anything here at Carthage.” — Nicole Otero ’17

“Carthage has helped me to develop as a leader inside and outside the classroom. I have learned a lot about myself and my future career.” — Adam Milano ’16

“Carthage College has taught me what my strengths are. It showed me that I can be more than just one thing.” — Hailey Hathaway ’17

“Carthage has allowed me to break out of my shell and make connections with friends and professors.”
— Tarrin Beck ’17

“Carthage has turned me into someone who really cares about my community and given me the skills to help shape that community.” — Jason Hendricks ’16

“Carthage has taught me that sometimes life does not go as planned, and it can be awesome!” — Madeline Owca ’19

“Carthage has given me a supportive community, challenged me to grow, and provided me with leadership opportunities.” — Alex Ash ’16

“Carthage has prepared me and has made me a global citizen with a more worldly view.”
— Brittney Frederick ’17

“Carthage has opened my eyes to differences in global cultures and how important cross-cultural understanding is.” — Jessie Bingaman ’16

“Carthage has really instilled a want to learn and a passion for knowledge.” — Aliyah Caraballo ’17

“Carthage showed me that I can be considered a student and not just a number.” — Jacob Bergman ’16

“Carthage has shown me that anything is possible!” — Taylor Douglas-Perkins ’16

“I found my passion for public relations. I found my dreams are never too big.
I found me, and it’s awesome.” — Nick Cottrell ’16

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