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Heads of the Class

11 Professors Students Love

At Carthage, some of your most meaningful relationships will be with the people who push you hardest. Here are 11 professors students say challenged their thinking, opened their minds, and changed their lives.

1. Kimberly Greene, Art

“As a working artist who is well-versed in many media, she encourages students to play and explore with familiar and unfamiliar materials. From her, I have learned to not underestimate what my hands are capable of creating, and to embrace confusion and unfamiliarity.” — Sonia Vazquez ’17, art major
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2. Edward Montanaro, Modern Languages and Economics

“It is almost impossible for me to choose a favorite professor because all of my professors at Carthage have had a huge impact on me. If I had to choose, I’d say that Prof. Montanaro has been the most helpful to me as he continues to push me to exceed even my own expectations.” — Jessie Bingman ’16, Chinese and Spanish major
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3. Jean Quashnock (Dr. Q), Physics

“My favorite professor would have to be Prof. Jean Quashnock. I have had two classes taught by Dr. Q, and it never ceases to amaze me how high-energy his lectures can be, and they are always paired with interactive labs and group studio problems. He can get important physics lessons and theorems across to his students in a fun way, yet still have them successfully retained.” — Daisy Bower ’16, physics and mathematics major
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4. Jacqueline Easley, Education

“Jacqueline Easley has definitely had a positive impact on my Carthage career. Her passion and enthusiasm for teaching is immeasurable. She continuously challenges me to think outside of the box and pushes me to be the best teaching candidate I can be. I know I can count on her for guidance both now and in the future.” — Natalie Miller ’16, elementary education major
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5. Corinne Ness, Music

“Having Corinne Ness as a mentor and vocal professor has changed my life and trajectory as a performer. She runs our program with grace and passion, and manages to take care of each of her students’ individual needs. She has helped me grow as a performer and as a human. I am forever grateful for the impact she has made on my journey here at Carthage.” — Macee Jo Mueller ’16, theatre performance and music theatre major
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6. Amareshwar Singh, Biology

“My favorite professor is Amareshwar Singh. I enrolled in his Cancer Biology course my freshman year. He is very down-to-earth and he is doing great things in the cancer research field, as well as staying connected and helping to inspire students like me!” — Chelsea Reuter ’16, chemistry major
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7. Leslie Cameron, Psychological Science

“Not only is Leslie Cameron my advisor, she is a wonderful professor. She brings an energy and excitement to learning that makes me want to attend her class. Hers is at 8 a.m., so to inspire me enough to go to an early course says a lot. She is understanding, helpful, and a wonderful professor. She has helped me out so much with my major. I am privileged to know her.” — Dara Zucker ’16, psychology major
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8. Timothy Eckert, Chemistry

“Prof. Eckert was my professor for Organic Chemistry 1. I had heard a lot of horror stories about Organic Chemistry from other people and was nervous about taking it. From day one, Dr. Eckert made the lectures fun and informative. I found that with his way of teaching, I was grasping the different concepts quickly and was able to apply them to the homework. Prof. Eckert’s love for Organic Chemistry and method of teaching allowed me to enjoy Organic 1 while learning a lot. After taking his class, I have started considering becoming an organic chemist.” — Tina Mihm ’17, chemistry major
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9. Tracy Gartner, Environmental Science, Biology and Geography

“Prof. Gartner is one of my favorites for always supporting me and being enthusiastic about life.” — Garrett Fales ’16, environmental science and religion major
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10. Mimi Yang, Modern Languages and Asian Studies

“Many of the professors I’ve had were fantastic and they have helped me in so many ways. I do have to make a special shout-out to Mimi Yang for helping me grow and mature here at Carthage. She has helped me in so many ways, and I am glad that Carthage offers such supportive staff.” — Jeremy Chapnick ’16, Chinese major
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11. Rick Matthews, Sociology and Criminal Justice

“Rick Matthews is by far the greatest professor I have ever had. I took Juvenile Delinquency and it changed my life. He has a fresh perspective on everything and is not afraid to be social with his students. He teaches in a way that does not even feel like he is lecturing. He involves students and talks to them as his colleagues, not as subordinates, and really makes students feel respected. I love his stories because they always have meaning and cause me to reevaluate something new in my life each time I hear one. He is the professor who made me realize I wanted to work in human resources.” — Andrea Miranda ’16, sociology major
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