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International Political Economy

Major Requirements

Carthage offers a major in International Political Economy. The major is broadly cross-disciplinary. Students take courses in economics, political science, geography and earth science, and business. Students also take a class about the French, German or Spanish speaking world. Students are also required to complete a senior thesis.

The International Political Economy program offers a major in International Political Economy..

Current students: You should follow the official College Catalog from the year you entered Carthage and work with your advisors and the department chair to ensure all requirements are met.

The IPE Major

The International Political Economy major consists of 48 credits:

Core Courses

ECN 1030 Issues in Economics (4 cr.)
ECN 3270 International Trade (4 cr.)
ECN 4030 International Political Economy (4 cr.)
ECN/POL 4050 Seminar in International Political Economy (4 cr.)
POL 1050 Introduction to International Relations (4 cr.)
POL 2050 Philosophical Foundations of Political Economy (4 cr.)
MGT 3710 International Management (4 cr.)

Choose one:

ECN 2510 Intermediate Microeconomics (4 cr.)
ECN 2520 Intermediate Macroeconomics (4 cr.)

Choose three:

ECN 200T/400T Topics in Economics (1-4 cr.)
ECN 3290 International Finance (4 cr.)
ECN 3300 Law and Economics (4 cr.)
GEO 1500 Human Geography: An Introduction (4 cr.)
GEO 1600 Earth Revealed (4 cr.)
GEO 1610 Introduction to Geographic Information Science: Mapping Your World (4 cr.)
POL 200T/400T Topics in Political Science (1-4 cr.)
MGT 3730 International Legal Environment of Business (4 cr.)
FRN 3080 French-Speaking World: Social, Political, and Economic Issues (4 cr.)
GER 3080 German-Speaking World: Social, Political, and Economic Issues (4 cr.)
SPN 3080 Spanish-Speaking World: Social, Political, and Economic Issues (4 cr.)

Choose one:

ECN/BUS 2340 Applied Statistics for Economics and Management (4 cr.)
SSC 2330 Behavioral Research Statistics (4 cr.)

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