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Honors Program

Honors Requirements

Students who participate in the Carthage Honors Program should complete between four and six Honors courses. These courses meet College-wide requirements. The commitment to the Honors Program is similar to committing to a minor. Students must take all of the courses listed in the Honors Curriculum section.

Honors Program Requirements

Honors Recognition

Honors students who successfully complete the above requirements will be recognized as Carthage Honors Scholars, a designation that will appear on their transcripts and diplomas.

Honors students who complete four of the six Honors courses (with grades of “B” or higher) and the Honors Portfolio will be designated Carthage Scholars. No more than two Honors Freshman Seminars, two Honors Sophomore Seminars, one Honors Global Heritage, and one Honors Carthage Symposium count toward these four courses. This Carthage Scholar designation will appear on their transcripts and on their diplomas.

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