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Meet Our Students

What’s it like to study history at Carthage? Hear from Carthage history majors.

  • Paige Myers ’16

    • Majors: Sociology, History
    • Minors: Spanish
    • Hometown: Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

    “I knew I wasn’t alone at college even though my family was six hours away.”

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  • Joseph Calderone ’17

    • Majors: History and Religion
    • Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

    “The biggest surprise so far is seeing how quick the years go, and how amazing the faculty is at Carthage.”

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  • Devon McGrath ’17

    • Majors: History and Communication
    • Minors: Sociology
    • Hometown: Saint Paul, Minnesota

    “I never thought tour guides were realistic when they said the professors were extremely approachable and available to students as a resource. I was wrong. If anything, I think the tours guides downplayed how helpful my professors are.”

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  • Laurel McKenzie ’16

    • Majors: Theatre Production, History
    • Minors: Spanish
    • Hometown: Appleton, Wis.

    “For students who can’t squeeze in a semester or year abroad but still want that international experience, the J-Term trips are a great opportunity.”

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  • Amanda Reilly ’16

    • Majors: Classics and History
    • Minors: Great Ideas
    • Hometown: Tuscon, Arizona

    “Carthage immediately drew my attention. I absolutely love it here and wouldn’t change my choice for the world.”

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  • Samuel Tomten ’16

    • Majors: History and Political Science
    • Hometown: Janesville, Wisconsin

    “I can’t believe how much I’ve learned, or how many people I’ve met. I’ve re-evaluated almost everything I thought I knew when I was in high school and I love it!”

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  • Herbert Triplett ’17

    • Majors: History and Classical Archeology
    • Hometown: Joliet, Ill.

    “My professors drive me to strive for actual knowledge. I’ve realized that anything is possible for students who can truly embrace their passion.” 

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