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Great Ideas

Hear from Past Students

Past Student Voices

  • Patrick Lambdin ’13

    • Majors: Great Ideas, Classics
    • Hometown: Edwardsville, Ill.

    “Whether it’s nice outside or not, walking along Lake Michigan on the way back from class is a great experience.”

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  • Susan Peinsipp ‘14

    • Majors: Great Ideas, English
    • Hometown: Lombard, Ill.

    “All the professors that I have had are wonderful. They know their subjects, they go above and beyond to help students, and they know me as a person. There are professors I had freshman year who still remember me.”

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  • Nick Tackes ‘13

    • Majors: Great Ideas, Religion
    • Hometown: Rockford, Ill.

    “Every day something happens that offers me insight into how I fit into the world.”

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  • Elizabeth Wagner ‘12

    • Majors: Great Ideas, Political Science
    • Minors: Art History
    • Hometown: Villa Park, Ill.

    “Discussing other governments and ways of life is one thing, but to be able to see them first hand and talk with the members of those communities is another.”

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