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Graduate and Professional Studies

Faculty Resources

Carthage is dedicated to providing faculty with the support and development needed to ensure a successful teaching experience. Below, please find important information and resources that will help you prepare for teaching within Adult Undergraduate Studies. If you have any questions regarding the items below, please contact your department chair or email

AUS Term Calendar

In order to adequately prepare for your course, please review the term dates carefully. Many items, like the Course Design Elements, must be posted two weeks prior to the start of the term.

7-Week Course Design Elements

All courses taught in the 7-week format are required, at a minimum, to include five course design elements listed below. All five items should be posted to eLearning two weeks prior to the start of the term and be fully accessible to the students on your class roster(s) through eLearning.

  • Pre-work
  • Course Syllabus
  • Asynchronous Teaching/Learning
  • Contact Information
  • Learning Outcomes

Required Items For Faculty Files

Carthage College requires the following items to be on file for all faculty two weeks prior to the start of the term. Items can be emailed to
(key: FT=full-time faculty; PT=part-time faculty)

  • Faculty Information Form (FT & PT)
  • Syllabus (FT & PT)
  • Letter of Appointment (FT & PT)
  • C.V./Resume (PT)
  • Transcripts (PT)

Workshops for Part-Time and Full-Time Faculty

Although the learning outcomes for 7-week courses are the same as those for their 14-week counterparts, the way in which outside work and class time are structured vary by necessity. Carthage offers a number of workshops and discussion sessions for full-time and part-time faculty to support the development of effective 7-week courses. AUS part-time faculty are expected to attend one workshop per year.

Accessing Class Rosters

Please review this 90 second video that illustrates how to access your class roster. When checking your 7-week class roster for this term, please check to see if the same course is also listed with a section designation of “S.” If so, this means that you also have a second class roster that includes full- or part-time semester students who are also registered for your class. Due to system limitations, the College is unable to put FT, PT, and 7-week students into a single section of your course in eLearning. If you have additional sections of your course listed in eLearning you will have to post your course materials to all relevant sections of your course as listed in eLearning.
NOTE: To combine class rosters for multiple sections of your course, contact Chris Grugel:

Communication with Students

Students are fully aware that Carthage e-mail is the primary way that the College and faculty will be communicating with them. They look forward to hearing from you prior to the start of class. All faculty are able to access their class rosters through Once you have logged into click on the “Home” tab. Then click on the “View My Faculty Schedule” link in the upper right-hand corner. Select the term and program and click on “View Faculty Schedule” or “View My Course List.” From there you should be able to see all of your class rosters. You can communicate directly with your class rosters by selecting the “E-mail Class Roster” option.

Book Orders

All book orders must be placed with the Carthage Bookstore four weeks prior to the start of the upcoming term. This requirement ensures that the College is in compliance with the federal guidelines, which requires that students have access to books in a reasonable time frame. Please contact the bookstore for more information:

Emergency Procedures

In the event of an emergency, dial 911 immediately, and then call Campus Security at 262-551-5911, which is open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and 365 days per year. You are advised to save this phone number in your mobile phone or address book for quick reference in the event of an emergency.

Campus Services

The following services may be useful at some point during the term:


The Carthage Campus Mailroom allows faculty to make on online request for copies. Please allow 24 hours (M-F) for completion of a copy request. The mailroom staff may be contacted at 262-551-5711 or

Student Attendance Policy

There is no College-wide policy regarding class attendance. Faculty members, however, should provide students with a clear, written statement of their own policy.


Final grades are required to be submitted within 48 hours following the last class.

Other Resources