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Giving Day

We Did It!

Thanks for making our second annual Giving Day a smashing success!

Significantly raising the stakes for the second annual Giving Day, Carthage still exceeded its goal thanks to the generosity of alumni, students, parents, employees, and other supporters on Friday, April 7.

Over that 24-hour period, 1,873 Carthaginians made a gift to support Carthage programs. More than $326,000 was raised in a single day including the $200,000 challenge gift from the Board of Trustees. This match was awarded for surpassing the target of 1,847 donors, a threshold that commemorated the College’s founding in 1847.

The final tally showed a marked increase from the first Giving Day. In 2016, Carthage welcomed gifts from 1,339 donors worth $307,834.

“What an incredible community we have,” said Theresa Kevorkian, executive director for institutional advancement. “When we raised the goal by a thousand donors this year, we didn’t know what to expect. But Carthaginians came through, as always.”

Campus “celebrities” staffed the call center in one-hour shifts. They included popular professors, staff members, and coaches.

Among the highlights in a daylong series of campus events was a trivia showdown. Besides Carthage-specific trivia, student groups raced to answer questions about tractors, Supreme Court justices, and Grammy awards. At the end of each round, a member of the winning team went one-on-one against a Carthage official in a “Minute to Win It” game show-style challenge. Men’s basketball player Adam Radcliffe ’20 bested President Gregory Woodward in ping pong.

Students dueling at bottleflip.Students dueling at bottleflip.

Afternoon visitors to the Campbell Student Union were treated to performances by student music, dance, and comedy ensembles. Psychological science professor Anthony Barnhart gave a magic demonstration, and biology professor Angela Dassow let students hold some exotic lizards.

Prof. Angela Dassow brought her lizards for students to interact with during Giving Day.Prof. Angela Dassow brought her lizards for students to interact with during Giving Day.

Meanwhile, friends snapped pictures as students like Mason McIntosh ’19 tried their luck riding an inflated mechanical cheeseburger. On his best attempt, Mason lasted about eight seconds before sliding off the giant slider.

Students rode a mechanical cheeseburger on Giving Day 2017.Students rode a mechanical cheeseburger on Giving Day 2017.

The celebration ranged far beyond the campus boundaries, as Carthage alumni hosted evening events in 11 U.S. cities. Half of each $10 ticket goes to the Carthage Fund, which provides operating dollars for critical areas like financial aid, athletics, and student research. Alumni also set up a half-dozen challenges, offering to match contributions from their classmates or teammates.

Students perform during Giving Day 2017 in the Stu.Students perform during Giving Day 2017 in the Stu.

President Woodward and a future CarthaginianPresident Woodward and a future Carthaginian

Carthaginians, thank you!

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