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Give to Carthage

Find Your Passion

Just as Carthage provides a place where students uncover and ignite their true potential, we believe making a gift to the College uncovers and ignites passion in you as a donor.

Do you want to make a difference? Do you want to do something active about a problem, or take a stand on a particular issue? Or do you simply feel that giving is good thing to do? We guarantee that in giving to Carthage, you help students find and claim their own best path. Let us inspire you with these stories. 

Space Sciences

Fly with NASA

The Carthage Space Sciences program is one of just a few programs across the country that provide undergraduates with the opportunity to participate in national space systems engineering competitions and collaborative research projects with space scientists around the world. Our students participate in the full payload design cycle, developing spacecraft technologies and experiments from concept to implementation on rockets, suborbital reusable launch vehicles (sRLVs), and even the International Space Station. Carthage students have presented their space sciences work in international conferences in Beijing, South Africa, Paris, and Belgium. Carthage has had more time in the weightless environment of microgravity than John Glenn experienced in his pioneering three orbits around the world in 1962. From near space research with high altitude balloon payloads to participating in the first NASA payload on the Virgin Galactic II Spaceship, Carthage students are invited to come fly with us.

Character Quest

Leadership Development

The Character Quest program transforms Carthage students into influential leaders — on campus, in their communities, and as professionals. Founded in 1996, the program includes a four-day “Commando” experience in which students explore leadership principles and character effectiveness, as well as coaching and community service. More than 250 Carthage students have enhanced their education by participating in this program over the past decade, learning to live a life of significance and success.

New Science Center

Innovative Science Education

The new Science CenterRecognized nationally for excellence in the natural sciences, Carthage has broken ground on a new science center that will offer even greater opportunity for innovative science education, and further advance the College’s commitment to exceptional research experiences for undergraduates. “With this new construction, Carthage will have one of the most up-to-date, advanced, and attractive undergraduate science buildings in America,” Dr. Woodward continued. “The future of undergraduate science education is being created right here and right now at Carthage.”

The Bridge Fund

Jillian KirschbaumWhen Jillian Kirschbaum’s home caught fire three weeks before her high school graduation, her parents had to use money set aside for her college tuition to pay for the repairs. Devastated, Jillian gave up hopes of attending Carthage — even her acceptance letter was burned in the fire. Everything changed, though, when Jillian and her dad met with the Financial Aid Office at Carthage. They learned of a Bridge Fund, a fund that provides emergency aid for students facing financial crises. Because of the Bridge Fund, Jillian was able to begin her freshman year at Carthage.

Summer Undergraduate Research Experience

One-on-one research with faculty

A hallmark of the Carthage experience since the mid-1990s, the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience offers students across academic divisions the opportunity to engage in collaborative research with professors. Students work closely with a faculty mentor on a new or developing line of research. “In a classroom setting, we usually emphasize the problems with straightforward, clear answers whose correctness can be assessed readily,” said physics professor Julie Dahlstrom. “My job is to introduce my students to the ambiguities, frustrations and exhilaration of scientific research. Research is not so clear cut, and its lack of clarity can be a shock. … SURE provides initial exposure to extremely valuable research experience, which helps to bridge our students to research offerings at other institutions or in industry.” Added Prof. Kevin Crosby, chair of the Division of Natural Science at Carthage: “It’s one of the more effective ways to educate students in science. They’re facing real-world problems where the answer isn’t in the back of a book.”



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