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Fine Arts at Carthage

The View from an Artist

Take a behind-the-scenes look at the lives and minds of Carthage artists and visiting performers.


  • Prof. Martin McClendon

    Vet Night of the Arts is one of the newest events at Carthage, but Professor Martin McClendon already has big plans for the future of the event. The event is not only an opportunity for conversation between veterans and civilians, but it also allows for crowdfunding for a great cause such as Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin, which assist homeless veterans in Southeast Wisconsin. I was able to talk to Professor McClendon about the event and how he hopes to establish a tradition with the event.

  • Dr. James Ripley

    At Carthage, we always want to be involved in the growth of community members, such as high school students. The music department does this by inviting schools to participate in a variety of festivals, including the Lakeside Band Festival. Dr. James Ripley was happy to share his perspective and experience with his involvement in the festival.

  • Guest Director Mary MacDonald Kerr

    The Theatre Department at Carthage provides opportunities for not only Carthage students and Carthage faculty, but also for members outside of the immediate community, such as visiting authors and guest directors. Mary MacDonald Kerr is a guest director who is returning to direct Mother Courage and Her Children, and she was kind enough to answer some questions I had about her experience as a guest director. 

  • Dean Ness & Prof. Mossman

    Music theatre shows bring together the Carthage community and music theatre students, and they are a great way to integrate a new faculty member. Professor Jeremy Mossman and Dean Corinne Ness are coming together to co-direct the second music theatre workshop production of the 2017-2018 season, It’s a Woman’s World.

  • Pastor Kara Baylor

    This year marks the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation. In honor of this anniversary that is personal for Carthage, the Center for Faith and Spirituality is putting on an event called “Singing Our Faith: From Chants to Hymns.” To learn a little bit more about the event and why it is important to celebrate Martin Luther, I went to the one woman who probably knows the most about Martin Luther: Pastor Kara.