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Center for Faith and Spirituality

Writings and Sermons

The Rev. Kara Baylor joined the Carthage community as Campus Pastor in January 2014, bringing more than 20 years of experience in youth ministry to lead the Center for Faith and Spirituality. 

Pastor Kara writes a column for the Carthaginian, a magazine for Carthage alumni, faculty, staff, students, and friends of the College. It is published three times a year by the Carthage Office of Communications. Her columns will be posted below. 

“Gifts that give more than you ever expected” — Carthaginian Winter 2017

“One of the biggest gifts I have ever received was a Lilly Endowment grant for a sabbatical that I was able to take in summer 2013. The focus of my sabbatical application was cooking. My hope was to empower myself and others to get back into the kitchen, to make our own food, and to share that food and fellowship with family and friends.” Read more

“Enveloped in a broader circle of care” — Carthaginian Summer 2016

“In Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, everyone from ages 5 to 18 rode the bus together. My memory of this is so clear because we had just moved to town in July 1977, and the first time my brothers and I got on the bus together — the boys in 10th and eighth grades and I in second — we sat in the first row and they put me right in between them.” Read more

“Piecing together a historic puzzle” — Carthaginian Spring 2016

“In November 1989, I was a sophomore at Luther College. My main concern that fall semester was making friends. My freshman year, I had suffered from an extreme case of shyness — so much that, during the fall semester of my sophomore year, other students asked if I was a transfer student, because they had no memory of me being on campus the year before.” Read more

“The big question … in search of answers” — Carthaginian Fall 2015

“My oldest daughter was away at camp for environmental education, so it was just the three of us at home on a Thursday evening. We were starting the process of cleaning up from an evening of homework, a few games, and some coloring when my youngest daughter, who is in third grade, asked a big question in the form of a statement.” Read more

“Famous people, present and future” — Carthaginian Summer 2015

“During the last week of May, I met a couple of world-famous people. I had the opportunity to meet Eddie Lacy, a running back for the Green Bay Packers. He spoke at the Greater Milwaukee Synod Assembly, which was back on the Carthage campus after a 12-year absence.” Read more

“The beauty of shared success, failure, and service” — Carthaginian Spring 2015

“As I write this article, I’m in Carefree, Arizona, at Spirit in the Desert Retreat Center with 20 other campus pastors from our sister ELCA colleges and universities. It is good to be out of the cold weather of Wisconsin and to feel temperatures above 30 degrees.” Read more

“It’s not about me - it’s all about we” — Carthaginian Fall 2014

“Have you heard? There’s a new campus pastor at Carthage, and it’s me…Kara Baylor. If you happen to live in Kenosha and receive the newspaper, you can’t help but know because my installation service was front-page news on September 29. And, again on Friday, you could find me in the Faith section of the newspaper. Yikes!!” Read more

“Building Faith Bridges” — Carthaginian Summer 2014

“As you can imagine, the question that I have answered a great deal over the last several months is, ‘So, how to do you like your new job?’ And the answer always is, ‘I love it!’ There are many reasons I love being a campus pastor, so my answer is not always the same. Today, when I was asked the question, my answer had to do with the privilege it is to walk with students on their faith journeys. Like snowflakes, no two faith journeys look alike. I knew that when I started this new call, and some of my experiences in this first semester on the job reminded me of the truth of that statement.” Read more

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