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Founded in 1994, ScienceWorks: Entrepreneurial Studies in the Natural Sciences was the nation’s first undergraduate technology entrepreneurship and career preparation program.

ScienceWorks combines classroom studies with real-world business experience. Through business plan exercises, seminars and workshops, students learn critical business skills that will help them stand out as superior professionals in the job market. Courses integrate written and oral communication, graphical presentation, business finance and accounting, management, marketing, legal issues and regulation, intellectual property, and business ethics.

ScienceWorks participants obtain internships with regional, national and international companies; receive grants to work on new product lines; get exclusive licenses to new technologies; attend lectures and national meetings; and meet world business leaders.

The program complements study in all fields, as students learn how to monetize and manage the development of ideas in corporate, entrepreneurial and philanthropic environments.

Minor in Entrepreneurial Studies in the Natural Sciences

The ScienceWorks program includes a one-year course sequence, normally completed during a student’s junior year. Programs fit within a student’s academic schedule and meet a variety of graduation requirements for all majors.

During a student’s senior year, he or she will study and develop a full-scale business plan in partnership with a technology business or organization. This exercise gives students experience in financial planning, strategic and operational planning, product and service development, market analysis, and staff and management strategy. Students may choose to pursue a minor in Entrepreneurial Studies in the Natural Sciences.

Partnerships and Connections

Carthage is a founding partner in CATI, the Center for Advanced Technology and Innovation in Racine, Wis., a technology transfer, business incubator and entrepreneurship center. Carthage is also a member of the National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance, the Racine County Economic Development Corporation, and Kenosha Area Business Alliance.

These partnerships give ESNS students access to patents, grants, business partners and mentors, product sponsorships, and experiential learning opportunities.

The ScienceWorks Advisory Board includes business leaders from many companies, including SC Johnson, Modine, Accenture, Snap-On, and Prophet Asset Management.

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