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  • Grant Bernard Gosizk ’12

    • Current Position: Pursuing a doctorate degree at the University of Kent in Canterbury, England
    • Major(s): English with an emphasis in Creative Writing

    “A crucial moment in my intellectual development was my senior project/senior seminar course. This introduction to academic research and writing was incredibly influential.”

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  • Anne Koenings ’12

    • Current Position: Pursuing a Master of Arts in English at Mount Mary University
    • Major(s): English

    “Today, I still speak of Carthage and how I value and cherish my time there. I grew so much.”

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  • Emily Kolesar ’12

    • Current Position: English teacher in Grenoble, France
    • Major(s): English, French

    “At Carthage, I was challenged to learn actively and to integrate what I learned in the classroom with other areas of my life. Sitting silently in class and taking notes wasn’t enough; I was challenged intellectually outside of my comfort zone.”

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  • Laura Lawonn ’12

    • Current Position: English teacher
    • Major(s): English
    • Minor(s): Secondary Education

    “Get to know your fellow English majors! You’ll appreciate their friendships later on. Get to know your professors, too. They are all brilliant and you have much to learn from them. Seek out their help even if you don’t think you need it.”

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  • Zachary Timm ’12

    • Current Position: Associate Web Editor for the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists
    • Major(s): English
    • Minor(s): Religion

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