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Continuing Studies

MSW: Scholarships and Aid


Each year, a small number of students are offered scholarships and graduate assistant positions funded by the School of Social Work. Application materials for graduate studies also serve as an application for these awards; you don’t need to submit any additional materials to be considered. The School of Social Work will notify recipients of scholarships and graduate assistantships, typically at the time they’re admitted. For more information about external scholarship opportunities, visit:

Financial Aid

Federal Stafford Loans

We strongly recommended that students apply for the Federal Stafford Loan. The maximum Stafford Loan per academic year is $20,500 for graduate students.

Graduate Plus Loans

Graduate students who have no adverse credit history will be eligible to borrow the difference between the cost of attendance and any other financial aid (assistantships, fellowships, and/or Federal Stafford Loans).

Apply for Financial Aid

Students interested in applying for loans should complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or a Renewal FAFSA. An application should be completed each year as soon as possible, listing Loyola University Chicago (Title IV Code 001710) as a school choice. For the online application, visit: