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Computer Science

Meet Carthage Computer Science Alumni

  • Isaac Rothenbaum ’11

    • Current Position: CTO, Poacht
    • Major(s): Computer Science, Graphic Design
    • Minor(s): Communication

    “The ‘real world’ is all about networking, establishing a rapport with people, being friendly, kind, well rounded, and likable. Carthage’s liberal arts education laid the perfect groundwork for success in this area.”

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  • Michael McDonnell ‘07

    • Current Position: Site Architect, Walgreens
    • Major(s): Computer Science

    “It’s my job to design the infrastructure necessary to deploy and maintain 8,000 stores’ worth of endpoints including, but certainly not limited to, servers, registers, workstations, phones, switches, routers, firewalls, printers, and fax machines.”

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  • Adam Muniz ’09

    • Current Position: Software Engineer
    • Major(s): Computer Science

    “In everything I’ve done, I’ve been on the cutting edge of technology. At Carthage, I became a much better and more rounded problem-solver, which is something I utilize daily in software engineering.”

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