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Community Code

Student Mailroom

The Todd Wehr Center Mailroom receives and distributes student mail to the mailboxes in the TWC. All students are assigned a mailbox for the duration of their stay at Carthage. Residential students are assigned boxes in the TWC and commuter students are assigned boxes in Lentz Hall. All students are issued a mailbox key and must turn that key in at the end of each academic year. There is a $15 charge to replace a lost mailbox key.

All students must fill out a forwarding address card prior to leaving Carthage for their first extended break (i.e Winter Break or Summer Break). Since these addresses are kept on file, students need only fill out the forwarding address card once during their enrollment at Carthage unless their forwarding address changes during that time. Additionally, once students graduate, or if they become commuters, it is essential that students fill out a new forwarding address card with the TWC mailroom.

For any further questions, please call the Todd Wehr Center Mailroom at 262-551-5753.