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Blue Light Telephones

There are 34 emergency security contact phones located on campus. They are located at the entrance of each residence hall, as well as outside of the Tarble Athletic and Recreational Center, The Campbell Student Union, Tarble Arena Complex, and inside the southeast lower entryway of Tarble Arena. Blue Light phones are also located in the north stairwell of the Clausen Center and outside of the Hedberg Library dock at the Johnson Fine Arts Center. Additionally, Security phones are installed in the terrace-level laundry rooms of all Oaks buildings, as well as Madrigrano, Johnson, Denhart and Tarble residence halls.

The “blue light” on top of the phone easily identifies its location in our parking lots. They can be found in Lots C, D, H, R, P and V, and there are two in Lot A, as well as along the circle drive of the Oaks Resident Villege. Merely touching the large circle on the face of the phone places you in contact with the Security Office dispatcher.

Carthage community members are encouraged to use these phones when they:

  • Are lost and need directions or information on campus
  • Require assistance to be called for their vehicle
  • Have a medical emergency
  • Desire a shuttle during the campus shuttle hours
  • Feel threatened
  • Become a victim of or witness to a crime
  • Wish to report a suspicious activity