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Clubs and Organizations

Religious Groups

For many students at Carthage, religious life is an important part of their experience here. The following student organizations provide opportunities to grow in your faith, learn about other religions, and assist with community projects.

CUMBYA, which stands for Carthage Undergrads Making Big Youth Activities, is a group that holds lock-ins at local churches. The goal of our lock-ins is to share the gospel with youth, and to strengthen their relationship with Jesus. At our lock-ins, we have a night of worship, Bible study, and games.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
As a community, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, we see Jesus as the source of truth and life for all people. Our vision is to see students and faculty transformed, campuses renewed, and world change developed. We want to love and serve God by caring for people, the campus, and the world. Some of the ways we do this by holding weekly Gatherings on Tuesdays where we discuss issues on faith and life, small group Bible studies throughout the week, and by providing opportunities for service and conference attendance where students are able to growth in their relationships with God and with those around them.

Islamic Awareness Association
Islamic Awareness Association is an organization that strives to spread diversity and awareness about Islam on campus. 

Pagan Forum
The Pagan Forum seeks to give those interested or involved in any Pagan faith a safe and comfortable location to discuss their practices, experiences, and questions. We also hope to welcome other, non-Pagan members to help inform and educate those who are curious or otherwise interested in the Pagan faiths. Lastly, we aim to clear up misconceptions regarding those who practice Paganism and help spread knowledge and awareness about this religion.

Jewish Awareness Association
Jewish Awareness Association is intended for more than people with Jewish backgrounds. It is open to everyone who wishes to learn about a religion and culture that has had a tremendous impact on the world. We discuss Jewish history, culture, tradition, values, religion, and current events. One of the goals of this organization is to dispel current myths about Judaism through exploration of stereotypes, prejudices and bias, and through comparisons with other established religions.

Catholics at Carthage
Catholics at Carthage is a group of students who are looking to further their faith, grow in fellowship, and be a part of a great community.

Faithful Beat
Faithful Beat is a student-led organization that does worship music through the Center for Faith and Spirituality with Pastor Kara. We perform at many Tuesday chapels, Sunday worships at 4 p.m., and even special events.

Better Together
Better Together Interfaith Movement intends to promote diversity of all faiths, beliefs, religions, and spiritualities, both secular and non secular on campus. This is done through dialogue on coexistence and diversity, trying to educate students on all these different faiths. Through this dialouge, we hope to combat inequalities of all kinds.

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