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Clubs and Organizations

Government & Politics

There are several main bodies on campus that represent the views of the students to the administration and various campus committees. Students may take an active role in setting and influencing policies that affect their everyday lives. 

Carthage College Democrats
Carthage College Democrats is an organization dedicated to heightening political awareness on the Carthage campus and in the surrounding community. This group sponsors and runs debates, brings politicians and other speakers to campus, participates in philanthropy and community service projects, and more. 

Carthage College Republicans
The Carthage College Republicans organization provides a forum for discussion and growth of the Republican Party, serves the Republican Party at all levels, and aids in the election of Republican candidates at all levels of government. The group also strives to develop strong leadership abilities and skills among Republican students as preparation for future service to the Republican Party and to the United States of America. 

Interfraternity Council (IFC)
IFC brings together representatives from all of the men’s local and national social fraternities. Its purpose is to discuss and set fraternal policies, govern the activities of the membership, and foster a feeling of goodwill among the membership and a positive Greek image to the college community.

Panhellenic Council
This Council oversees the activities of sororities on campus. The membership works together to coordinate projects such as Recruitment and All-Greek events, and supports each other in campus and community projects, educational and academic programs, and building the image and spirit of the Greek community. 

Student Government
It is the duty of Student Government to ensure a voice for the student body, to work with the administration and faculty of the College, to ensure the high quality of life students deserve both academically and socially, to ensure that the policies of the College are in agreement with the beliefs of the students, and to nurture quality leadership within student organizations. Student Government is composed of an Executive Board, a Student Senate, and four standing committees. The Budget and Finance Committee hears all requests for Student Government funding. The Public Relations Committee works with campus publications and other methods of advertisement to keep the student body abreast of the activities of Student Government. The Student Affairs Committee deals with all issues pertaining to the quality of academic, residential, and student life on campus. Much work is done in conjunction with the Dean of Students Office, faculty committees, and administrators. The Student Organizations Committee receives all petitions from students wishing to begin new campus organizations. The committee reviews constitutions and petitions for recognition, makes recommendations to the full Senate, and periodically reviews the activities and recognition of all student groups. 

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