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Hear from Past Students

Past Student Voices

  • Claire Goulson ‘15

    • Majors: Art History
    • Minors: Women’s and Gender Studies
    • Hometown: Minnetonka, Minn.

    “I love how history can be recorded visually and how much we can learn about a place or a person by looking at an artwork.”

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  • Meghan Johns ’15

    • Majors: Studio Art, French
    • Minors: Art History
    • Hometown: Waukesha, Wis.

    “I’m happy every day, loving all my classes, and learning all there is to learn from my professors.”

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  • Bree McMahon ‘12

    • Majors: Graphic Design, Art History
    • Hometown: Appleton, Wis.

    “I look at what my friends may be doing in regards to design at other schools and all I see is boring projects and bland results. Here at Carthage, we are really taught how to think differently and stand out from the crowd and make our designs eye catching and exciting.”

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  • Catherine Rogers ‘12

    • Majors: Marketing, Art History
    • Minors: Business Management, Studio Art
    • Hometown: Fridley, Minn.

    “Carthage employs professors who have worked in the fields they teach. This is the greatest thing about the business major at Carthage.”

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  • Marisa Wilson ‘14

    • Majors: Art History
    • Minors: Business
    • Hometown: Loda, Ill.

    “I feared what all freshman students worry about: making friends. I was overwhelmed by the Carthage community and the friends I have made. I was so surprised at how fast I made friends, and how fast I made Carthage my home.”

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