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Individual Tours

Carthage encourages all interested students and their families to contact the Office of Admissions and arrange for a personalized tour on a day that is convenient for them.

Visit us Monday-Friday during the summer months, or Monday-Saturday during the school year.

During fall, January, and Spring Terms, we can arrange for you to sit in on a class if you’d like. Year-round, we offer opportunities to meet with coaches or professors. Give us two weeks notice if possible, so we can make sure you see everything that’s important to you.

Scheduling your visit is required. Call the Office of Admissions at 800-351-4058, or send an email to

Prefer a Visit Day/group format for your visit/tour? We offer those, too.

  • Contact Information

    Talk to someone at Admissions. We are happy to answer your questions:


  • Ask A Student

    • <h2>Q. How does campus feel community-wise?</h2>
    • <h2>Q. Do I have to be Lutheran to attend Carthage?</h2>
    • <h2>Q. What kind of internships have Carthage students had?</h2>
    • <h2>Q. Is it easy to get involved in clubs?</h2>
    • <h2>Q. What is there to do on weekends?</h2>
    • <h2>Q. How big are the dorm rooms?</h2>
    • <h2>Q. What’s it like having a roommate?</h2>
    • <h2>Q. How big are your classes?</h2>
    • <h2>Q. Are the professors easy to reach with questions?</h2>
    • <h2>Q. Do you really know your professors, and do they know you?</h2>
    • <h2>Q. Where can I eat on campus?</h2>
    What is Carthage really like?
    Ask us any question now.