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Meet Carthage Scholarship Winners

Lincoln Scholarship

Taylor Kloha ’16

The Lincoln Scholarship is the most prestigious award in the Presidential Scholarship Program and covers full tuition, and room and board for four consecutive years of undergraduate study. Great Ideas major Taylor Kloha remembers opening the award letter notifying her that she won the scholarship at her kitchen table. “The emotion I felt most strongly was relief. The Lincoln Scholarship has freed my family and I from a tremendous financial burden, and has allowed me to pursue so many opportunities that I would otherwise have been unable to afford.”

“I’ve traveled the world, met amazing friends and incredible mentors, and pushed myself to develop my passions in just about every way imaginable. I’ve grown so much during my time here, and I can’t even imagine who I would be if it weren’t for the experiences I have had as a Carthaginian.”

Kenosha Oaks Scholarship

Marcelo Hernandez ’18

With a major in mathematics and a minor in secondary education, Marcelo is determined to spend his time at Carthage mastering not just math, but also how to teach math in the very best way possible to students of all abilities and learning styles. His dream? “I want to be a high school math teacher with the hope of being a professor some day,” he says. How he’ll get there? A full-tuition scholarship from Carthage.

“I was so excited. My top school, my dream school, had offered me a full scholarship. That was more money than I could even imagine. All the stressing, and studying for exams, and staying up late to study? It was all worth it.”

Kenosha Oaks Scholarship

Manar Mohammad ’16

One of Manar Mohammad’s favorite English professors at Carthage has dubbed her “the pediatric poet” — the English major on her way to medical school to become a doctor. She’s here on a full tuition Kenosha Oaks scholarship. “I am thankful for Carthage because it has given me a place to discover myself and grow comfortable in my own skin,” she says. “It is where I learned to be proud of who I am, and continuously shows me that the possibilities are endless for becoming someone I can continue to be proud of.”

“Don’t come here expecting to be something specific. Let Carthage take you and form you into the person you will become, and then choose who you want to be.”

Steven Danko '16 received a full-tuition Business Scholarship to attend Carthage.

Business Scholarship

Steven Danko ’16

Does owning a business, being a full-time student, and playing right wing on a hockey team sound like too much? That’s what Steven Danko ’16 manages on a daily basis. Steven, a double major in marketing and management from Lindenhurst, Illinois, received a full-tuition Business Scholarship from Carthage.

“I mean, it’s the reason I’m here It’s my education. I feel so lucky.”

Teylor Douglas-Perkins '16 earned a Modern Language Scholarship at Carthage.

Modern Languages Scholarship

Teylor Douglas-Perkins ’16

As a French major, Teylor has high hopes for her future, it all started with the scholarship she received through Carthage’s Modern Languages Scholarship competition.

“I remember it was March. A letter had come for me in the mail from Carthage, but I was at school, so my parents opened it first. I figured it was just something to do with my registration, but my parents were so excited. By the time I got home and figured out what it was, I was freaking out because I was so excited.”

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